Some of My 600-Lb Life\"s many controversial stars were the Assanti Brothers. Ago in 2017 once their episode aired, the brothers were known for generating a the majority of drama and tension. Justin, who weighed approximately 600 pounds, was the more quiet of the duo and also was a little much more willing to monitor his load loss plan. However, Steven, who weighed practically 800 pounds, to be incredibly daunting and would regularly throw tantrums and cause a ton that chaos on the show. Needless come say, Steven stole the show, and not for the best reasons.

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Now that it\"s to be a couple of years because the show aired, the brothers have surprisingly regulated to remain out that the spotlight. However, both siblings have retained a following from the show and, unlike part stars such as JT, they\"ve proactively kept pan updated on your progress. Viewers who watched the Assanti brothers\" illustration on My 600-Lb Life will certainly be interested to know that this two are actually doing quite well. Still, there has been tension in between the two, and fans the the brothers won\"t desire to miss out ~ above the details that what happened.

Since the premiere that his My 600-Lb Life episode, Steven Assanti has actually been doing nice well, and also in 2018, he married a woman called Stephanie. Although the show depicted him as self-absorbed and temperamental, Stephanie refuted plenty of of these qualities. During a 2018 interview with Starcasm, Stephanie described that Steven couldn\"t have actually been much more different. \"Beauty is skin deep and he has actually a love of gold,\" she said. \" nothing like just how he was perceived on the TV present at all or on his YouTube videos. He\"s a gentleman and a wonderful lover and lover the life in general.\"

Believing that he was dealt a negative hand, Steven has argued that TLC \"overdramatized\" his behavior. He questioned this throughout a 2020 interview through Nicki Swift in i beg your pardon he claimed the producer didn\"t stroked nerves to show any type of of his great qualities. \"They only present me walking crazy, and yelling at people, and also taking pains pills, and also just all the negative stuff,\" the said. \"They filmed me and also my family members doing an excellent things too, yet they pick to display just the bad things.\"

Steven additionally admitted the he and Stephanie have had actually a hard time handling the fame. During the Nicki Swift interview, Steven explained that Stephanie wasn\"t a fan of the spotlight, and also it\"s led to some tension. This at some point manifested in a separation whereby the two lived 90 minutes away from each other. \"She\"s kind of doing her own thing,\" Steven explained. \"We\"re always working it out. Ns love her v all my heart and also she loves me. We\"re simply in two different households ideal now. Need a small break.\"

More recently, Steven struck fans because that accusing his wife of \"cashing in\" top top his TLC checks. According to a report native Soap Dirt, the former star obtained upset ~ reading average comments and also rumors. He revealed the Stephanie \"totally refused\" an offer from TLC. The report likewise stated that Steven has maintained the same weight due to the fact that his gastric bypass surgery.

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Justin Assanti has additionally been act nicely since My 600-Lb Life. Follow to a report from The Cinemaholic, his store, hobby Haven, is succeeding and has to be a an excellent way because that him to attend to his society anxiety. However, his partnership with Steven is nonexistent. \"He doesn\"t stroked nerves us due to the fact that he obtained married,\" the brothers told pan in a turned off Reddit AMA session (via Starcasm).

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Additionally, Justin touched on the show\"s portrayal that him and also his brother. According to a various report from Starcasm, the admitted the TLC producers definitely exaggerated some elements of their story, however he also said that Steven to be an absolute nightmare. Contradictory to what Steven believes about himself, Justin stated that the show offered an exact depiction the what life v Steven to be like. \"Steven on the show is Steven in genuine life,\" Justin said. \"It\"s one of the few things not scripted.\"

While it\"s been some time because he\"s appeared on television, Justin said fans throughout his deleted AMA the he\"s been working to maintain his load loss. Together he pointed out in his AMA (via Starcasm), Justin has actually lost 200 pounds because his episode aired.