The human cost of the oil boom seen with the intimate lens the a family members fighting for your agricultural method of life.

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around the Documentary

they stood for their neighbors when they could have cashed in on their land. Will certainly their choice cost castle both?

Between 2011 and 2016, oil drilling in rural north Dakota got to its peak, setup off a contemporary gold sirloin in the quiet, tight-knit farm city of Trenton, north Dakota, population less 보다 1000. Through billions of dollars come be acquired in an industry-friendly state v a “reasonable regulation” climate, small towns prefer Trenton became overwhelmed through an influx of workers, and countless acre of farmland were repurposed for industrial development. With the voices of Trenton’s residents, My nation No an ext challenges the notion of “progress” and questions the irreversible human after-effects of short-term viewpoints to floor use, decisions the ultimately impact all Americans, rural and urban alike.

Following the rise and also fall that the oil boom in phibìc Dakota, the movie paints a portrait the a rural American ar in crisis split by a high-stakes divide.

The Filmmakers


Rita Baghdadi is an award-winning Moroccan-American filmmaker who work has been supported by ITVS, Tribeca, the global Documentary Association, movie Independent, Netflix, CNN Films, A&E, Points phibìc Institute, Technicolor and IFP, and also has screened in festivals worldwide. Recently, Rita’s documentary City rising was awarded three LA Area Emmy Awards including best Social concern Film. Rita is additionally an completed Director of Photography, having actually shot number of documentary features including Served like a Girl (SXSW 2017), i beg your pardon premiered on independent Lens. Rita deserve a B.A. In movie from Columbia university Chicago. She is a co-founder the the production firm Endless Eye, and when not filming is an active mentor, dedicated to empowering girls through documentary movie training.


Born and also raised in north Dakota, Jeremiah Hammerling is an Emmy Award-winning filmmaker. His documentaries have actually covered a wide range of topics native the Egyptian Arab feather to gang intervention in Los Angeles. My nation No much more won ideal Feature at the 2018 large Sky Documentary film Festival. Jeremiah is a co-founder the the Los Angeles based production agency Endless Eye. His work has actually been featured on CNN, ESPN,, AJ+, NPR and in top festivals worldwide.

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