Sewage Plant

To unlock the sewer Plant, you need to gain near the collapsed Wasteland entrances to create the Hazardous ruins Mission. ~ that, you"ll need to prove your toughness to the polite Corps. A little sparring session will begin and you only have to survive the fight. If you"re not all set to spar against the civil Corps, I extremely recommend girlfriend run approximately the ring. If girlfriend stay much enough, you"ll be able to dodge every attack and also finish this quickly.

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Sewage plant Entrance

Upon start the sewer Plant, you"ll be able to choose the level. You"ll have actually to complete each level before you effort the next one, and also you can redo completed levels any type of time girlfriend want. Encourage player level is an in-game recommendation and should no be taken together fact, but it"s a good indicator of the typical levels you"ll need to complete these, that course, if you"re great enough, you can complete these at any level. All of the guaranteed loot will be found in silver- chests.

LevelRecommended Player LevelTime ConsumedAttempts AllowedGuaranteed Loot
Level 1Lv.10-Lv.153h 0min3Simple Circuits

Small EngineSimple Antidote

Level 2Lv.15-Lv.183h 0min3Small Silicon Chip

Blood StoneTempering Liquid

Level 3Lv.18-Lv.214h 0min2Industrial Engine

Small Silicon ChipTempering Liquid

Level 4Lv.22-Lv.245h 0min1Industrial Engine

Data DiscTempering Liquid

Level 1

The first level enemies encompass Plierimps, sluggish Gooeys, and also Jump Dancers.

Slow Gooeys space snails that of course, relocate slowly, however will release poisonous spores as soon as the player is near.

Drops: Mucus
Jump Dancers have the right to leap far pretty fast and also can be really tricky when discovered in large groups. They have actually a long variety of aggressiveness, and it"s encourage to resolve these an initial as lock will most likely assault you while you"re fighting various other monsters.

Drops: Venom, Teeth, Mucus, Gols.
Plierimps: Their strike patterns are very similar to the run Dancers, however they"re a bit slower and their aggressiveness selection is shorter.

Drops: Copper Bar, Copper Wire, Gols, Copper Pipe, Tempering Liquid.
Level 2

The 2nd level includes Plierimps, masking Fiends, and Jump Dancers.

Masked Fiends are an extremely slow, yet they have a long attack range. They will certainly usually remain in place and shoot the player native afar. Prioritise this if possible.

Drops: Venom, Wrench, Spring, Gols, Copper Pipe
Level 3

The third level add to Bandirats to the over lineup.

Bandirats will certainly charge versus the player and deal damages on contact. They take it a bit to charge their attacks against the player but have a medium strike range.

Drops: Teeth, Bandage, Worn Fur, Fur, pet Bones, Eye Patch, Rogue"s Headband
Level 4

The fourth level adversaries are Plierimps, masking Fiends, Bandirats, and also Redrats.

Redrats deserve to shoot fireballs in ~ the player native a distance. Castle can frequently interrupt your fights against other monsters and also it"s recommended to take these the end first.

Drops: Bandage, Sulfate, Fur, animal Bones, Gols, Rogue"s Headband

Each level homes a chemical Dropout in the last room.

Chemical Dropout levels
Ruin LevelBoss Level
Level 1Level 17
Level 2Level 19
Level 3Level 22
Level 4Level 25

Sludge go 1% of the player"s preferably HP per 2nd in toxicity damage. The poison deals 10% the the player"s best HP, per second, for eight seconds.

Note: damages values taken from the official Wiki and I haven"t confirmed them myself (feel complimentary to leaving a comment if you have the right to confirm this)

Boulder Traps

Some rooms have actually a ramp whereby boulders role down, and also other rooms have trap floor tiles. This tiles will certainly make a boulder loss from over and role for a while prior to it disappears.

Image that a Floor tile Trap. Stepping top top these will make a boulder fall from the ceilling.

There will commonly be a chest in the middle of the room in the ramp-like rooms. The ideal time to shot and open these chests is once the last boulder (usually the 3rd one) falls and also you get a emotion of their trajectory.


Loot generally dropped through monsters incorporate Copper Wire, Old Parts, Tempering Liquid, Venom, Teeth, Copper Bar, and Gols.


Chests in the sewage Plant save Blood Stones and also materials such as small Engines, Lubricant, Data Discs, small Silicon Chips, Springs, Valves, and an easy Circuits. Friend can additionally find the tongue of Malice publication in chests, but it"s an ext rare.

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First time rewards

Killing the boss on each level for the an initial time will certainly reward the player with a one-time loot item rather of the items displayed in the overview table above. The Lion"s Claws have the right to only be derived here.