When discovery launched Naked and Afraid in 2013, i didn’t plan to watch it. Survival reflects are not new, and the provocative location didn’t appeal to me. Survivor, because that one, has actually been about for much more than fifteen years and also was responsible for the ide of being “voted off the island.” fact shows have been through us for decades. Naked and also Afraid simply sounded like an ext of the same.

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For whatever reason, ns ended-up recording the first episode, i beg your pardon was broadcast on June 23, 2013. The regime hasn’t differed much:

Two civilization were take away out separately into the center of nowhereOnce there, they each stripped and also hiked the end to meet their partnerTogether, they checked-out the two survival items wait for lock in a bag in addition to their diary-camsTheir task was to make it through for 21 days, and also trek on the last day to the extraction allude shown top top a rustic map.

Though I have no interest in subjecting myself come this type of wilderness challenge, I’ve noticed number of overarching principles shown by those who complete the 21 work challenge. I have recognized how research, preparation and execution are as important for life in general as out in the wild.

Do her Research

Know Those who have Gone Before

Some episodes have consisted of one or 2 survivalists indigenous prior episodes. Inevitably, they space recognized, saying that participants clock prior illustration as component of their very own preparation.

Two of those survivalists that came earlier for seconds developed an epos raft for your epic expedition down the flow to your extraction point.

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— E.J. Snyder (
ejsnyder333) June 8, 2015

Get to know your Destination

The beginning of part episodes reflects the survivalists in ~ home before they leave for their destination. It becomes clear that they know which nation they space headed for, and therefore have actually an possibility to discover at least a bit about where they’re headed.

Be Prepared

Prepare for the Rain and make it your Friend

Many teams have arrived in ~ their site without a cloud in the sky, and then been recorded unprepared through a torrential downpour that goes on for days. Some of those very same teams have practically died from thirst, or from drinking contaminated water.

You know the rain can come. Develop a shelter, but likewise be prepared to capture the abundant, clean drinking water together it drops from the sky.

Toughen your Feet – and then make Sandals

One of the very first episodes proved a survivalist virtually sent residence when among the innumerable mandrel his team challenged managed to inflict a significant infection that required medical attention. An additional episode found one of the survivalists with really tender feet, when the various other didn’t treatment at all about the unstable rocks they had actually to to walk on.

Do yourself a favor: spend some time walking roughly outside in your bare feet to obtain ready for Naked and also Afraid. Once you get there, you’ll execute well to do coverings for her feet.

Bring a Knife. A Big One.

One of the team members virtually always brings a large knife, like a machete. It’s especially valuable for hunting, and also cutting down materials for shelter. I intend that also those who are injured by one are still glad they decided it.

Don’t bring a Magnifying Glass

There’s no “right” collection of devices on Naked and Afraid. However, one well known “wrong” an option was a magnifying glass. Despite the survivalist who determined to carry it as her survive item had both practical and sentimental factors for pass it, it didn’t work-related out, and she ended-up tapping-out after ~ 14 days.

If friend Can’t take the Heat…

…get acclimated prior to you head out to part tropical island. Of food if you live top top a dry island, you would execute well to expose yourself come a cooler climate. At the very least some the the survivalists were seen obtaining acclimated prior to heading to your destination.

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No Clothes? The Shock wears Off

Many that the women perform create clothing of part sort. Periodically it’s as result of modesty, and sometimes it’s for protection from the elements. Maybe a mix of both.