The an initial time Kaitlyn Fought gotten in the new Classroom Building, she feel something was amiss. The wall surfaces were make of glass, the hallways were vast and bright and also no electronic message board clocks were placed on the walls. Virtually immediately the hit Fought: over there was nowhere to hide.

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To Fought, the new $42 million building represents one avoidable risk to students. In August, Fought began an investigation into the safety comes to surrounding Tech’s newest building.

After finding out of one Aug. 29 email threatening the university, Fought instantly contacted the Office of college student Affairs. In an email she wrote that the glass walls and the lack of blinds prevented students and also faculty from hiding in the instance of a threat.

“For someone who was in the community during the shooting, this provides me exceptionally uncomfortable,” fought wrote. “I feeling this is a negligent skip in the style of the building, and also as a student I wanted to raise this concern.”

Fought, a senior double majoring in literature and an innovative writing, grew up in Blacksburg and also was in middle school during the April 16 shootings. Dealt with is not taking classes this semester and also is rather working as a to teach assistant in the brand-new Classroom Building.

Hunter Gresham, executive director the communications and IT in the department of college student Affairs, responded to battled in an email that outlined suggest future security measures.

“I have been educated that blinds will certainly be installed and there is a proposal that will certainly go soon to money a 24/7 security place within the building,” Gresham created on Sept. 1. “As well, we are investigating a digital clock for the lectern or room that deserve to offer an emergency notice message once necessary.”

After reading the response, battled said she feel frustrated. To she it appeared that no one anticipated the comes to that would go follow me without having actually blinds or electronic message plank clocks.

“Virginia Tech’s own website about secure-in-place literally has minimizing vulnerability: rotate off lights, silence phones, attract blinds, and move away from windows,” fought said. “And these classrooms leave us absolutely no means to carry out that.”


On Monday, Oct. 10, battled received a reply from Brown with an update to she concerns.

“The brand-new building will not have the digital signs/clocks i beg your pardon you check out in so many structures on campus,” Brown created in an email. “New structures from this allude forward (will) have a greater level of an innovation and will use voice come relay emergency alerts within the classrooms.”

According to Brown, blinds have been ordered and will be installed when they have actually arrived, despite no date has to be set. Brown also wrote that he go not recognize of any type of proposals to relocate forward v a 24/7 protection staff.

The university did no respond to the Collegiate Times’ lot of requests for comment.

Support of the brand-new Classroom Building’s style varies in between students and also faculty together each have different experiences and opinions around the space.

Professor Neil Johnson, who teaches Earth’s organic Hazards in the building at 8 a.m., said that he has little an obstacle remaining focused when teaching and has uncovered the very same in relation to his students.

“I don’t really notification it in ~ all,” Johnson said. “When i’m in there it’s at an early stage in the morning, so there’s very tiny student traffic. I don’t really see world walk by.”

Johnson also stated that the soundproofing the the classrooms aids in the minimization of distraction, yet he listed that a absence of clocks in the classrooms to be an inconvenience to many.

On the various other hand, small Mary rose Lunde, who has actually a lab in the building, find the glass walls distracting.

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“When I go into NCB for neuroscience lab I need to be incredibly aware. Lab is a reasonably invigorating suffer that calls for a many of psychological strength ~ above its own,” Lunde said. “It is an extremely stressful, and it is an extremely distracting to need to look over her shoulder every time friend hear someone walking down the hallway because it might be who dangerous. It is straightforward to end up distracted indigenous the lecture once I tense increase every time I relocate a tiny in my seat together a passerby looks through the clear glass window. It is terrifying and honestly has actually been taking away from my otherwise fun lab experience.”

In the meantime, dealt with has promised to press on. She claimed that she will not rest until every one of her involves are eased and also she feeling the brand-new building is safe.

“For many years, our college was the record-holder for the largest mass shoot in the United claims history,” battled said. “Surely, this would be something constantly on the mental of those expanding the university’s spaces, because we vowed earlier then that we would never ever forget.”