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Trip Summary

There are 5 day-to-day trains native Newark to Houston. Traveling by train from Newark to Houston normally takes roughly 52 hours and 25 minutes, however the faster Amtrak train can make the expedition in 50 hours and also 24 minutes.

Distance1410 mi (2270 km)
Fastest train50h 24m
Lowest price$185.00
Most frequent serviceAmtrak
Train lines1

In the last month, $212.41 to be the median price that a train ticket native Newark, NJ come Houston, TX. Provided how much apart Newark and Houston room from every other, there's no getting around the reality that most train tickets room on the pricier side. You have the right to expect to discover tickets at the price or lower if you book your trip at least 28 job in advance. Otherwise, suppose to pay around $92.68 more than that for a same-day booking.

over the next 30 days, the average price of a one-way train trip from Newark come Houston will certainly vary between $203 and $244. Planning a train expedition to Houston in ~ the upcoming week? The cheapest train ticket friend can discover from Newark over the following 7 job is $205. Make certain to publication your trip as shortly as possible as train fares have tendency to walk up as you acquire closer come your travel date.

If you are trying come decide when to travel from Newark come Houston by train for this reason you can score the best feasible deal, your ideal bet would be to arrangement your pilgrimage for February. That’s once the mean price because that a train ticket is supposed to be simply $203 – the shortest of the year.

Alternatively, if you setup to travel from Newark come Houston in December, mean to spend much more on your train trip, together the typical ticket price typically surges to $339 at the time of year. However, if you book your trip ahead of time, you have actually a high opportunity of scoring a ticket in ~ a reduced price.

If you desire to score the best deal, you should arrangement to publication your train expedition online ~ above at the very least 28 days ahead of time. If you do that, her train ticket to Houston from Newark will be about $92.68 cheaper contrasted to what you would certainly pay if you book at the critical minute.

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Amtrak is the one and also only train heat which associate Newark, new Jersey to Houston, Texas. However, there room 5 trains per day to pick from.