There's a BBC Documentary on YouTube that the brand-new Mexico State Penitentiary revolt of 1980. The has always stuck in mind as a very brutal instance of a riot the really contrasted with other prison riots prefer Attica since of the unrestrained violence the took place. It seems choose at the time, the revolt was heavily covered by local new stations. There was even a documentary around the jail made simply weeks before the riot took place.

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Yet as well as the BBC documentary, it's hard to uncover much media on what was America's most violent jail riot in history. You would think it would be much more well documented.

Was wondering if any type of medtox.orgors from new Mexico can have some type of an individual connection to those events they would certainly be ready to share.


Here's the link: it was really well done. I simply wish castle included an ext footage indigenous the news and talked more about the world involved.

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I imagine the must have actually been quite tense functioning in correction in the years complying with the riot. I know a lot of COs in California and also they have a pretty relaxed and complacent attitude. I would think in NM in the 80s, over there must have actually been some kind of emotion of vulnerability ~ what happened at Santa Fe.

I to be a child at the time, but you can tell this to be something an extremely unusually by the news coverage. I resided in Albuquerque, about an hour southern of the Santa Fe prison. The news footage, which ns assume was on the BBC show, had a lot of smoke coming out of the prison, and national guardsmen lining up, yet even as a kid, you could tell things were bad. A few years later our neighbor, Shawn McWethy, that was a cop, was eliminated by one ex-inmate indigenous the riot. Supposedly this inmate had actually helped/protected a guard during the riot and was given a \"good time\" credit transaction to his sentence and was let walk early. As soon as I remained in college, my friend was in the nationwide guard in NM. As component of his training, that went as much as the prison v his unit to acquire a walk though in-case over there was an additional riot. He said that the staff stated the burn marks, and also ax marks indigenous the an initial riot. Save in psychic this is over ten years after the riot. They've developed a new prison and also now you have the right to tour the old facility and see these things for yourself. Below is a book that talks more in depth about what went on (