This overview will aid you deal with the No OpenGL Context discovered in the current Thread error that occurs as soon as trying come run particular PC games. The indict were composed for windows 10, however will occupational for previously versions of windows too.

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If you have recently upgraded to windows 10 from windows 7 or 8, then you might get the No OpenGL Context uncovered in the current Thread error when trying to run certain PC games. Most commonly users have actually been complaining about the No OpenGL Context found in the existing Thread error when they had tried to operation Minecraft in home windows 10. The issue is because of a dorn Java version set up on your machine. Many of you might think the updating your Java is what you’d should do in stimulate to fix it. In countless cases, this would indeed be the appropriate thing to do. However, in this situation you should do the precise opposite. In stimulate to acquire the video game to work-related properly, you’ll must downgrade your Java app by uninstalling it and also after that installing an older variation (8 u51). In the adhering to guide we will show you just how you can do the in bespeak to protect against the No OpenGL Context uncovered in the present Thread error from reappearing.

No OpenGL Context discovered in the present Thread Fix

The Guide

Fix 1

Step 1: Uninstalling Java

open your Start menu and kind uninstall a program. Click the first search result entry. Look through the perform of mounted software and also find the Java app. Right-click on the app and then pick Uninstall.

Step 2: installing Java 8, upgrade 51

monitor this link and download the upgrade 51 from over there or google find for Java 8 upgrade 51 and download it from one more site.Make certain that you download the suitable version because that your device (32-bit/64-bit) open the executable document you’ve simply downloaded and allow it come make transforms to your computer if asked. In the resulting window click ~ above Install and wait for the installation come finish. once Java is installed, you’ll be told the your version is outdated – simply click the X button or pick remind me later. This is precisely what we wanted, now the game should operation without a problem.

If the concern was no solved, remove any mode that you can have installed. Oftentimes game glitches, slow performance during gameplay and errors are led to by unpolished and/or poorly-programmed modes. Sometimes, specific modes that functioned on your earlier version of Windows might not perform well on win 10, so save that in mind.

Fix 2: Driver Update

Another usual issue through most video clip games is outdated graphics map drivers. If your Windows Update is not collection to automatically start or in some situations even as soon as it is, a hand-operated update to her drivers can be required. The following guide will present you just how you can do the in bespeak to settle the No OpenGL context error .

push Winkey+R and form devmgmt.msc struggle Enter and the Device Manager should appear on her screen. Click the arrow next to Display Adapters. Now, right-click on each entry and then choose Update driver software.

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You will be shown two choices (Search automatically for driver software application and Browse my computer for driver software). You deserve to use the second option if you have manually download the recent driver update from the manufacturer site of her graphics map (advanced). If friend haven’t done that, you deserve to use the first setting, i beg your pardon will automatically search for the recent updates online and install them.

Let us recognize if our guide worked for you in the comment ar below!