We get countless emails from human being who are trying to find tent replacement parts. It appears a shame to litter a great tent out because you can"t uncover a replacement time pole, rain fly or time pole connecter.

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Below space some vital links to other websites selling tent instead of parts, such as Coleman, Texsport, Wenzel, Cabela, etc. If you can"t uncover the tent part you"re after ~ then usage our reader"s forum to short article your question and hopefully who will recognize where to uncover the replacement part for you.


Tent replacement Parts

Tent Trailer replacement Parts

One choice for tent pole replacement is come buy a similar size and also length time pole from somewhere such together Walmart and also then reduced them down to the correct length.

Keep in mind that relying on the tent age & condition sometimes it can be cheaper simply to purchase a brand-new tent


Repairing or replacing components for your tent makes great sense particularly if most of the time is in good condition. If so write-up your question below and one of our reader should have the ability to help.

Find replacement Tent parts or a time Repair Question?

comments or questions around tent replacement parts? write-up them here.Do you require to discover a tent part or have actually a tent repair question? Ask lock here.Make certain to clearly explain the missing tent part or time repair problem and also provide the time Brand
and also Model.The more descriptive native of the time or part the better, and also a photograph will help at lot.As a camping community, hopefully us can assist each other...

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RainFly (RFLY-02) because that WMT-861210C Dome connection TentBAD storm claimed rainfly, canopy, pop-up, etc.. )-;- 10"x8.5" hexagon dome w: 2 7"x6" hex domes+tunnels. Love this time "compound" but cannot uncover …
first-up version # wmt 1010g9t
hi fellow campers. Well-off j indigenous n.y. I"m looking for the gazebo fabric body because that my first-up model # wmt 1010g9t. The file work the comes through it shows …
Greatland model 15680
I need to replace a much shorter shock corded pole hoop that is in 3 parts associated by a cord. It snap in a bad storm and also I can"t fix it. The company …
center hub because that 3/8" pole
I have a Alpine architecture 4 person tent.The center hub broke and i desire to recognize if any piece of various other model can fit.I send you a photograph of a facility …
Columbia Cougar Flats tent parts needed
I require the optimal two poles that connect to the yellow y and support the fly.
Pole length for Greatland TGT-1080 household Dome
I have a great tent however no poles. I"m search the sizes for the poles of the Greatland TGT-1080 household Dome, please.Thank friend for her help,Dave …
Greatland screen tent
I need a edge plastic piece.
silver Mountain, Sierra,14X14 Pentagon display house CVS 25032
I require 1 RPOL-178BK curved roof pole 2 LPOL-186BK directly Leg PoleAnybody got any kind of sources because that replacements?Thanks,Tony
Greatland Outdoors model TGT-1210
Missing TPOL-04...one of the pieces of the shock-corded tent pole broke.
First-UP WMT-1010G9 10x10 tent
Do you understand where i can uncover the structure for the tent; component number FPTY-111STR? Thanks.
phibìc Pole version #TGT-1615
Need part number PSET-BKBL and 3WAY-260-1.
Greatland tent version TGT 1615
I to buy a Greatland tent version TGT 1615 at an estate sale but didn"t realize the poles are missing until I got home and went to collection it up. I require …
Greatland - Columbia #15710 three Room Cabin Tent
I need a Ridge Elbow Section, it is component #3.Does anyone know where i can obtain this part?
vacation Cottage Tent lacking Parts
I need four way hub for tent above.
Replacement tent Pole Needed
I am trying to purchase 1 instead of pole for version #WMT-139084 polyester dome display housepart #LPOL-193BK.
replace My Faulty Insta-Set time Pole
I am searching for a means to change my faulty insta-set tent pole (3 room dome Greatland tent) with timeless fiberglass tent poles, is that possible? …
phibìc Pole Ltd design No WMT-1010G9 First-Up Gazebo

The Black edge is broke on my pop-up Gazebo ~ above te frame. The design number top top the frame is FPTY-111STR. Please let me know how I can gain a replacement. …
Ozark trail WMT-9920 poles needed
Not rated yetI have been looking for a collection of replacement poles for a tent the is in an excellent condition.
mountain Trails twin peaks design 36443 rain fly
Not rated yetLooking for a rain fly because that my tent.
Columbia fall river 10 instant tent - next hub part
Not rated yetI am looking for a next hub #2C0050 because that our Columbia loss River 10 ft prompt tent, dimension 84 x 180 x 120 inch (41.8 Pounds / 19 kg)
silver- ring that holds tent poles - Academy Broadway tent
Not rated yetHello;My Academy Broadway tent is lacking one that the silver- rings that has two really short "poles" in it that the tent poles space attached to as soon as the …
paris leaking
Not rated yetI have a 3O year old Cabellas 6 male dome that the paris has ultimately given it up. It"s one of those flys that come virtually to the base. Its to be a supervisor …
GREATLAND out Tent model TGT-16590 - rainfly needed
Not rated yetHello,I have a GREATLAND out 3 room Pentagon Dome Tent. My Rainfly v 9 S-hooks sustained some damage and needs to it is in replaced. Can you aid …
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Coleman Red Canyon 8 human tent 17×10 - rain paris / polesNot rated yetI have actually the tent yet upon setup it increase I discovered there is no rain fly or poles for rain fly. Any ideas where I can discover the instead of parts? would …
Northpole tent, missing rain sheathe fly
Not rated yetI have a 18×12×90in and also its absent the rain cover and also i simply want to uncover the replacment. The part number is RFLA-GYBR08, if friend can aid me to find …
FUNS prompt 2 human being Easy press Up family members Dome Tent
Not rated yetOne of the plastic joint pieces on the pole the the tent broke. It"s the sort where you have to pull the poles far from each various other at the joints come unlock …
Swissgear model 36281 20" x 10" tent - require poles
Not rated yetI require replacement poles for my Swiss gear tent, that is a 20" x 10" design # 36281 tent. I missplaced the poles and also need all new ones if possible.
require parts because that x-treme vacation Cottage 111 tent
Not rated yetI need component number 4WAY-334-1, it"s a lower left corner that the poles go into.I likewise need the bent left pipe the the top cover goes over at the …
Academy Broadway 10210 center Yolk part
Not rated yetI"m trying to find the 2nd "Center Yolk" of mine tent! Can"t it seems ~ to find one top top the Internet!
replacement Poles Greatland 7-8 person 2 room dome tent
Not rated yetPlease help!!!!! I have actually a Greatland 7-8 human being 2 room dome time with display porch. I purchased this in ~ Target. I need replacement poles for the tent. Having actually …
Alps Mountaineering vertex 2 replacement rainfly
Not rated yetI to be recently given an Alps Mountaineering peak 2 tent, and also when I collection it up at home I noticed the plastic home windows on the rain fly have dried out and also …
Northwest tent parts needed
Not rated yetI am trying to find an extra pole/ strut that feeds with a sleeve ~ above the side of the time fly.
Gander hill parts available
Not rated yetMy Gander hill tent GMT-1010FGS-10 got captured in high winds and broke 3 X arms, green /colored, top, full collection of heavy panels, white display screens (also …
Northwest region Queen sized all over bed plastic foot
Not rated yetI would like to recognize if anyone can point me in the direction of wherein I can obtain a plastic foot-piece for one group of steel rods that come with each other …
Greatland tent design 17040 - manual and also pole set
Not rated yetI am missing entire pole set. And manual. That is in an excellent overall condition. No tears and also all zippers work. Floor measurement is 10x14. Believed to it is in …
NFL First-Up Gazebo model # WMT 1010G9
Not rated yetBlack corner on two edge is broke, component # FPTY - 111STR exactly how do I obtain replacement parts?
Columbia design # CB- 5302-10 bungaboo II Dome 12 ft. X 9 ft. X 76 in.
Not rated yetI shed the rain fly for this tent, and also I simply will choose to know if I deserve to get one more one and also how much is the cost to replace it.Thank you.
replacement poles for time Model: TGT-1615
Not rated yetDoes anyone know how I can order the following component for this tent:Pole: TPOL-274BKDescription: Fiberglass, shock-corded tent Pole - black color …
Swiss equipment tent version 36131 rain fly
Not rated yetI"m in search of a replacement rain fly for a Swiss gear tent model 36131.
Wenzel tent parts needed
Not rated yetoriginal part number to be 5781 would like to uncover a instead of part. Any assist would be substantially appreciated. Sincerely Wade Harp
Fly needed - mountain Trails cool Pass Tent
Not rated yethttp://www.amazon.com/Mountain-Trails-Grand-Pass-Tent/dp/B003R7PU6W require a fly because that this tent any suggestions as to where I have the right to buy one ?thanks Pauline …
need replacement poles - Greatland tent TGT-1514
Not rated yetNeed replacement poles for my Greatland Outdoors time TGT-1514 .
Ozark trail tent parts needed
Not rated yetDoes anyone understand where friend can find a instead of rain fly for Ozark trace tents?Ozark trace 16" x 16" immediate Cabin Tent, Model# WMT-161682B.
Eureka Blanchard draw tite rain fly
Not rated yetI am trying to find a rain fly because that both a 4 male and solitary man Blanchard attract tite tents.
Coleman Red Canyon tent parts
Not rated yetI require a instead of rainfly for a Coleman red canyon tent. I got the whole tent, poles and so on (minus the rainfly) for .30 cent at a thrift store, but can"t …
Greatland outdoors time replacement poles 15670
Not rated yetWe purchase a provided tent however it is absent some poles go anyone recognize where ns can get some?
Columbia Cougar Flats - searching for rain fly
Not rated yetLooking because that Columbia CB-9001 Cougar Flats II : rainfly w/ 6S-hooks all videotaped seams-olive/khaki trim.The rainfly has been damaged by the poles.Looking …
Greatland 4-6 persons Dome Tent
Not rated yetI would have to replace 2 sides fiberglass, shock-corded side time poles (SPOL-364BK) indigenous that version of tent. I would gladly evaluate any help …
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Replacement components for fpty-111strNot rated yetI have a NCA11-S10111 Zip framework Gazebo, had a edge piece break need a replacement corner tent piece. Just how do I get one? please respond ASAP.NCA11-S10111 …
Model#S10111 NFL Gazebo NorthPole Limited
Not rated yetFrame component # FPTY-111STRLooking for plastic connector on height of edge leg.
missing parts for tent design TGT-1210- Brand: Greatland Outdoors
Not rated yetWe are absent the adhering to part: Where deserve to we discover it?FFPL-04 fly Pole w/corners
Greatland outdoor format #TGT-1514
Not rated yetPurchased 16x15 2 room dome time with screen porch however has no rainfly. Walk anyone know where come buy replacement part RFLY-04 ?
model #S10111 Collegiate First-Up Gazebo- need part for frame
Not rated yetI require a edge piece because that the frame - frame part #FPTY-111STR - anyone have any idea whereby to acquire this. It appears the company, Northpole Limited, has …
Northpole minimal Greatland time replacement parts
Not rated yetLooking because that the complying with parts:1 Fiberglass, shock-corded tent Pole-Black: TPOL-274BK1 Fiberglass, shock-corded display Vestibule Pole-Blue: VPOL-509BL …
Alps Mountaineering 3 room Meramac Tent
Not rated yetDoes anyone know where i can get replacement rain paris poles because that the Alps Mountaineering 3 room meramac tent?Thanks!
instead of poles necessary - Greatland 3 rm 7/8 people
Not rated yetNeed to replace 2 poles.
Spalding tent components needed
Not rated yetI to be looking to order replacement pole collection and hand-operated for a Spalding time - design 76-5063-0.It was originally produced by a company called phibìc …
Greatland the end Insta-set 4 room dome tent
Not rated yetPurchased the tent number of years ago and the insta-set poles worked great. One of the poles broke the finish off. If ns can discover a instead of pole I would certainly …
absent poles for Greatland out tent
Not rated yetMissing poles because that Greatland outdoors tent. Layout number 36046 H02 C01I require poles for my tent. I cant find them anywhere and wondering wherein I deserve to …
need poles for substantial greatland tent
Not rated yetPicked increase a huge complimentary tent yet has no poles. Greatland brand. Having the darnedest time finding any aid online.
screen Tent parts Needed
Not rated yetI have actually a display screen tent.. Around 12 x 12 and 6 foot need new bungee cord connections. 3 of my optimal legs room bent. Is the some means to order replacements?
Greatland dome 4-6 person
Not rated yetI am trying to find the complying with tent poles for my Greatland Dome 4-6 person:Main tent pole - Cat# TPOL-561BK Side time pole - Cat# SPOL-364BK
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