Feast October 8

Devotion come Our Lady of good Remedy

For many centuries, Muslim fleets seized Catholic ships and invaded Catholic lands and also took away men, women and also children into slavery. The Catholic populace in numerous countries, specifically in Italy, Spain and also Portugal lived in constant fear the being carried off into slavery. France, Britain, Holland, Ireland, and also even Iceland suffered comparable attacks and also some of their population were captured and also sold in the Islamic slave industry of north Africa and the center East.

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It to be perilous in the extreme to their eternal salvation because that Catholics come live as slaves in Muslim culture because of your grossly not ethical customs. Women were in special danger due to the fact that they to be habitually sold right into Muslim harems.


But God did no leave His human being unaided. He inspired several spiritual institutions to job-related towards the rescue that the Catholic servants from your Muslim servant masters.

One that these to be the Trinitarian Order, which was established by Saint man Matha in 1198. This stimulate was founded to redeem Catholic slaves from the Islamic servant markets and to set them free.

However, only by raising huge sums that money might the Trinitarians lug out your mission of buying earlier Catholic slaves. Come be successful in increasing such large sums the money, castle confided their fundraising initiatives to the merciful defense of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

And She did no let lock down. In fact, the mommy of God to be so generous in answering their pleas for funds, that they referred to as Her "Our Lady of good Remedy."

And so, the Trinitarians to be able to complimentary many slaves from the bondage of enslavement and, over all, to free them native the moral evils that sin the was widespread in those decadent Muslim societies.

Today, we need Our Lady’s help more than ever in our personal lives, come resolve complex personal situations and also to find solutions for troubles we challenge in ours families.

Above all, we need Our Lady the Remedy"s powerful intercession to help us turn earlier the increasing tide of radical Islamic terror that is destabilizing the world. Our country and also the people desperately require Our Lady’s powerful and unfailing help.

Our Lady of good Remedy, Pray because that us!

Novena Prayer

Pray for nine continually days native September 30 come October 8

O QUEEN of HEAVEN and EARTH, Most holy Virgin, us venerate thee. Thou arts the lover Daughter of the many High God, the chosen mom of the Incarnate Word, the Immaculate Spouse that the divine Spirit, and also the sacred Vessel that the Most holy Trinity.O mom of the magnificent Redeemer, that under the location of our Lady of good Remedy comes to the assist of every who call upon thee, expand thy maternal security to us. We count on thee, too ~ Mother, together helpless and also needy youngsters depend on a tender and caring mother.Hail, Mary....O LADY OF good REMEDY, source of unfailing help, give that we may draw from thy treasury that graces in ours time of need.Touch the mind of sinners, that they may seek reconciliation and also forgiveness. Lug comfort come the afflicted and the lonely; assist the poor and also the hopeless; aid the sick and also the suffering. Might they be cure in body and strengthened in soul to endure their sufferings with patient resignation and also Christian fortitude.Hail, Mary....DEAR LADY OF great REMEDY, source of unfailing help, her compassionate heart knows a remedy for every affliction and also misery we encounter in life. Aid me with thy prayers and intercession to discover a remedy because that my problems and needs, particularly for... (Mention her intentions here).O loving Mother, on mine part, ns pledge to take on a much more intensely Christian lifestyle, to a much more careful observance the the laws of God, to be much more conscientious in fulfilling the responsibilities of mine state in life, and also to effort to be a source of healing in this broken world that ours.Dear Lady of good Remedy, be ever present to me, and also through thy intercession, might I enjoy health of body and peace of mind, and grow more powerful in the faith and in the love of thy Son, Jesus.

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Hail, Mary.....V. Pray for us, O divine Mother of good Remedy,R. That we may deepen ours dedication come thy Son, and also make the people alive v His Spirit. Amen