Masterwork products are special crafting materials that come in the type of items drops and also ore deposits.

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For example, you have actually a little chance come loot Fade-Touched Plush Fustian Velvet turn off high-level Red Templar enemies, or to acquire Fade-touched Silverite indigenous Silverite ore deposits.

You have the right to then usage these materials to to fill the Masterwork slot in a make weapon or armor item for powerful bonuses.

There room 3 tiers the Masterwork products – the greater tiers are discovered from greater lever areas / greater level monsters.

Note: some Masterwork materials deserve to have different versions (Snofleur skin, because that example, can either heal 1% maximum health on attack, or give you a opportunity to actors Horn the Valor).

Masterwork crafting products are a an excellent way to not only make your crafted equipment a lot an ext powerful yet also include cool effects to her attacks. And in part cases, castle can also make or break your character’s build – together in the case of Reaver expertise warriors utilizing the security on fight masterwork.

But v so numerous choices, what space the BEST masterwork options?

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Top 5 ideal Dragon Age: Inquisition Masterwork Materials

Fade-Touched Silverite – top top hit: acquire 5 guard (Tier 3)

The Hidden chisels effect in activity – duplicates of her character rapidly attack your target.

This is may be the best and also most fun Fade-touched masterwork for pure damage, permitting you to actors the Hidden knives ability, dealing approximately 500% weapon damage in complete whenever the procs. This impact is vastly exceptional to various other spell-proc masterworks.

Best used by: Melee or ranged characters with high assault speed or abilities that cause multiple attacks (like the mage’s energy Barrage).

Where to farm it: Drop indigenous Red Templars all over in Hissing Wastes or Emprise Du Lion. I like to farm yard it indigenous a team of Templars that spawn north-east that the Tower Camp in Emprise – you can save the game prior to fighting them, and also then just reload if the Fade-Touched Velvet no drop.

Fade-Touched Bloodstone – +7.5% extra damages for every enemy within 8 meter (Tier 2)


Although this masterwork product is daunting to farm, the is very powerful for ranged characters. A 30% damage bonus is huge as lengthy as friend don’t obtain hit because that 5 seconds.

Where to farm yard it: This has proven to be the many elusive Masterwork material. Not just are Varghests themselves rare, however they likewise don’t it seems ~ to be dropping the article at every (or at least not the tier 3 version). This masterwork has been fixed and renamed, and drops from Gurn, the rhinoceros-looking things in the Hissing Wastes.

Best used by: DPS-oriented Ranged personalities (archers or mages) as they do not do it be acquiring hit the often.

Fade-Touched Snoufleur Skin – 10% chance to provide 12 seconds of Horn that Valor (Tier 3)


This masterwork is a an excellent addition for a mage character that is restricted by mana pool fairly than cooldown periods. I particularly like this masterwork ~ above Necromancers, and builds that usage a most lightning spells, because they have a high mana cost.

Where to farm yard it: Off Venatori in the Hissing Wastes.

Best supplied by: Mage builds that are really mana-intensive.

Masterwork Stacking

As a final note, placing two of the same Masterwork ~ above one personality does not make the stack. So if you placed 2 Fade-Touched Silverites on your warrior’s gear, for example, you won’t get any added benefit – you will certainly still just generate +5 guard on hit.

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However, the same masterwork result of a various tier DOES ridge – for example, you have the right to pair Fade-Touched Silverite (+5 safety on hit) and also Fade-Touched Obsidian (+3 guard on hit) top top the exact same character, because that a full of +8 safety on hit.