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Story and Summary-

All the researchers are researching and analyzing the sample of a meteor as it passing near the earth. Unexpectedly the meteor changed its direction and coming come the earth. The meteor will strike to City Z. Every the scientists and also astronomers are in shock and also inform to the Hero public official of City Z. Genos and Saitama are relaxing in ~ home and they room talking about their rankings.

Genos is one rank higher and Saitama increase its location from 388th come 345th Rank, if others space at the exact same position. Genos is acquiring a vast mass population in the city.

A notification is sent to every the S course heroes come report ~ above the scene to counter the recent dragon size threat. Only couple of upper class heroes report at the location and also Genos is ready to prevent it. Bang tells around the meteor to Genos that it is crashing ~ above Z City after part minutes. Over there is no information among the citizens about the meteor together the news will informed on TV in the last 30 minutes.

The news flashed top top TV and it create chaos among the citizens. Bang order Genos to stop the meteor through his power and he will certainly prove himself by conserving the people. Genos is all set to stop the meteor till its as well late. Bang mentions the he cannot leaving the city due to family troubles and personal issues. Bang is identify himself however he noticed that Genos is already gone to stop the meteor.

Genos is top top a building rooftop and also seeing that many people given up the expect of life and also survival. Genos analysis that it is as well late to evacuate therefore many world from the city and also he should damage the meteor. He likewise thinks the meteor will destroy the neighbor cities since its very large sized. Steel Knight shown at the rooftop v Genos and also he is amazed through his presence.

Genos request if the is likewise a citizens of Z City but Metal article answers that he is out for experimentation its new weapon versus the meteor. Steel Knight is not interested in teaming up with Genos and also wants to protect against the meteor alone.

Metal knight reveals that he is no actually here and only his robot presence is at the ar for the trial and error of the new weapon. Steel Knight collects all his power against the meteor and also Genos is amazed v the power ability of metal Knight. There is a large amount the fire in the skies by steel Knight’s weapon but after a when the skies gets clear and the meteor is still running to the ground. Metal Knight realized that he is no successful and also he gained away native the place.

Genos is alone at the rooftop and also he realize the he need to stop the meteor now. That is in doubt and thinking about the citizens and also Saitama if the meteor hits the ground. Bang come at the place and also inspire Genos to collection his totality powers against the meteor and don’t thinking around the future. Genos understands his words and also brings complete of his power strengths versus the meteor for practically fifteen seconds.

Bang informs the meteor is tho running and Genos is out of strength now. Saitama come at the place and also Bang asks around his identity. Saitama flew in the air and punches the meteor with large power amount. The meteor is broken but its pieces hits the ground and also many homes or buildings are damaged in the city. No citizen was harmed in the meteor strike but the city is shattered at many places.

The following day at home Saitama and Genos room talking about the rankings again. Genos informs that that is climbed in location by one place however Saitama increased from 300th rank to fifth in course C Rank. Saitama explaining exactly how does it feels to it is in a hero and also Genos passionately influenced by Saitama’s words. Genos starts composing the words of Saitama in a diary.

Genos knows the Saitama saved the people yet many that them space in anger because they lost their house. The human being are thinking Saitama is the reason behind the destruction. Saitama speak he is going the end in the city and Genos tells the he is coming through him but Saitama denied. Saitama is top top patrolling to check out the damaged city and also confronted by Tanktop Tiger and also his brothers Tanktop black Hole who room amazed through the rise of ranking the Saitama.

Saitama replaced both the brothers in ranking and that’s why they space in anger v Saitama, they claims Saitama increased his rankings through cheating. Tanktop black Hole rallies a mob of upset citizens who shed their areas in the strike by speak Saitama is the factor of cause for the destruction.

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Both of castle were successful in their strategies as many world starts blaming Saitama for the destruction. Brother starts assault on Saitama yet they both are defeated by Saitama in one punch each. Bang is watching all these points from a rooftop and he knows the Saitama is the real hero the the Z City. Saitama in the critical speaks through the upset people and also they realize it’s Saitama who conserved their life.