To speak the last episode of Orange Is the brand-new Black was an overwhelming to watch is one understatement (we can’t unsee Red acquiring scalped by Piscatella), however seems choose the worst is end now and also the torture of Red and also her fellow prison family members is done. Frieda and also her team in the bunker have caught Piscatella and also it’s time to uncover out what the autumn is going to be from what Piscatella has actually done come the inmates. Can Red gain Piscatella’s confession end the prisoner that he killed when he to be a guard end at Max?

Piscatella is unconscious in Frieda’s bunker therefore the ladies are moving swiftly to have the ability to restrain him until they’re able to figure out what they desire to do. Red wants to move right right into torture to acquire a confession yet the various other women don’t desire to be part that. Norma and also Nicole trying to protect Red by tying her come a chair and also making certain that she can’t do any type of further damage. Red is heartbroken the she’s not going to have the ability to get a confession the end of that leaving him cost-free to hurt much more people when the lytic is over, however when Gina shows everyone the she has a tape of that torturing Red she’s elated. This is much better than a confession and also she acquired it without torture.

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With Humps currently dead, Cindy, Janae and Allison are trying to figure out what to perform to save Suzanne native revealing the fact to Taystee and also blowing up the negotiations. Unfortunately, Suzanne is off her medication and also after facing all the death and lies that are being told to she she’s come to be out the control. Cindy top to clinical only to find Lorna there refusing to provide Suzanne she medication. After coming to be a really scary variation of herself, Cindy is may be to acquire a medication, yet it’s no Suzanne’s actual medication. When Allison and also Janae view that the medication is not actually Suzanne’s they shot to talk Cindy out of providing it come her, however she’s not listening due to the fact that she think she’s handling the situation. Needless to say, we are worried around how Suzanne is going to reaction to this medication, specifically with no physicians in the building.

Boo’s character has actually been really off for united state this season – an initial her transforming her ago on Doggett after every the buildup of your friendship was super weird and also now she making jokes about Red’s hair after watching her acquire scalped by Piscatella? We understand that Boo’s personality is vulnerable to do hurtful jokes around pretty lot everything, but after what she simply went through, this seemed pretty mean also for Boo’s humor. On height of that once she’s exit from being hosted hostage by Piscatella the very first person she goes to see is Linda that admittedly she think she’s in love with, but doesn’t inspect on Doggett in ~ all? This is not the Boo us know and love. If you are a big believer in karma, Boo got hers this illustration as she challenged a hard reality about Linda ~ finding she phone with photos of her and Caputo. Needless come say Boo’s love is broken and confronting Linda around it didn’t make her feel any better.

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Now the Gloria has actually made the decision the she’s walking to profession the hostages to the MCC for through her child she’s been having a difficult time actually acquiring her hand on the hostages. While she’s not able to get all of them in ~ once, she is may be to gain them one by one, moved to the yard. Maria overhears Gloria offering Benny part last words of encourage over the phone prior to he goes into surgery and learns the Benny is in the hospital. Gloria come clean to Maria informing her about the transaction that she made v the head of MCC to relax the hostages in exchange because that furlough. The plan is come take all of the hostages under to the yard reduced a hole in the fence and that they’ll all escape together. If this was Maria from the start of the season she would have actually shut this under immediately, but after everything she’s gone v she has actually a different perspective now and also as a other mother understands the she would burn the prison down if the would offer her a opportunity to watch her daughter again. Maria offers Gloria her full support, however when Gloria later on goes out right into the garden to enact her setup she sees the Maria has currently taken every the hostages, created a hole in the fence and they’ve all escaped leaving Gloria behind with nothing. Gloria make the efforts to do a operation for it the end of the feet to go and see Benny, but two inmates not having actually it and drag her earlier into the prison.

There was a lot come like about this episode, specifically when it concerns the performances from several of the actresses. We have the right to never say enough how remarkable Uzo Aduba is, but she was simply outstanding here. We love Adrienne C. Moore’s Cindy as soon as she’s bringing united state some snappy one liners, but this episode offered us a actual look in ~ her mirroring us multiple political parties of her we’ve never ever seen before. Last but not the very least we can’t leaving this review without talking around Selenis Leyva that pulverized our hearts together Gloria spoke she potential last words to Benny ~ above the phone. Episode grade: A

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