How to complete Fortnite mainly 4 difficulties in Season 8

Another week way another fresh set of Fortnite challenges. The mainly 4 obstacles in Season 8, once all completed, will unlock the secret banner for you come collect. Here’s every little thing you require to know to complete the season 8 mainly 4 difficulties in Fortnite.

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Before we enter how to complete all week 4 challenges, we’ve broken them down into both the cost-free pass challenges, and the fight pass difficulties down below.


Free happen Challenges

stage 1: Land in ~ Tilted Towers stage 2: Land at Junk Junction stage 3: land at retail Row stage 4: Land at Happy Hamlet phase 5: soil at pleasant Park usage The Baller in different matches (5) gain an elimination v a Scoped weapon and also a Suppressed weapon

Battle happen Challenges

get rid of Opponents at Happy Hamlet or satisfied Park (3) phase 1: Outlast 60 opponents in a solitary match find for hidden Treasure (2) Launch yourself through frameworks with a Pirate Cannon (25)

How to finish All mainly 4 difficulties Fast & Easy

The main thing come note below is that, honestly, there’s not that many challenging week 4 challenges you’ll need to complete. Still, we’ll run you through some tips because that completing each and also every among them.

First off, you’ll must search for hidden Treasure. This will need you to discover the sweetheart map item, head to the beacon, and dig the up. We’ve got a handy overview on exactly how the buried Treasure item works, should you be having any problems.

Next up in the week 4 challenges is launching yourself through structures with a Pirate Cannon. Cannons have the right to be uncovered at the various Pirate Camps, of i beg your pardon we’ve gained a guide on all locations here.

Head to these, develop a ton the wooden wall structures behind one another, and fire yourself with them with the cannon to get this week 4 challenge done and also dusted fast and also easy.

Grabbing an elimination through a Scoped weapon and a Suppressed weapon is as straightforward as heading into a game and also hoping the prey gods room on your side. At least, through the look at of things, you don’t have to gain these in a single match.

Eliminating enemies at Happy Hamlet or pleasant Park is a quite self-explanatory mainly 4 challenge, however we’d suggest landing at these named locations for the best chance of finding someone to battle it out with. Just be all set for these areas to be particularly busy, particularly as shortly as the challenges go live.

You’ll then need to land at assorted named locations. There yes, really isn’t lot we must say around this one.

As because that outlasting 60 enemies in a single match, we’d advise doing this in a solos game. Head to somewhere quiet top top the map and slowly creep in v the storm each time. Hide in buildings if you’re worried around not being able to host your very own in battle, and also you should have the ability to wait this difficulty out.

The last of the main 4 challenges involves the Baller, the latest automobile to enter Fortnite’s world. It deserve to be found at exploration Outposts and also Pirate Camps throughout the map. We’ve highlighted a number of Baller areas in our guide here.

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That’s all you need to recognize to finish the Fortnite mainly 4 obstacles in Season 8. For much more tips, tricks, and guides top top the current season, be certain to examine out our ever-expanding Fortnite Season 8 overview wiki.