Country music’s cutting board Rhett is utilizing his image and also voice to help raise awareness of the 42 million civilization who battle with hunger in America.

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He’s the command artist that this year’s Outnumber Hunger initiative among General Mills, large Machine Label team (BMLG) and also Feeding America. Friend can uncover him top top the prior of almost 60 specially-marked general Mills products, like Cheerios, Nature sink granola bars and Totino’s.


“I’ve acquired to it is in a part of Outnumber Hunger due to the fact that the program started 6 years ago, and also after city hall the program’s affect firsthand, ns am honored to stand for the campaign as this year’s spokesperson and also proud to sign up with in the fight against hunger,” Rhett said us.


Rhett teamed up with a few of our Covington, Ga., employees to aid fill the food space in the spring of 2013.

Rhett has joined fellow BMLG artists on our packaging, volunteered in ~ food shelves v us, and also appeared in ~ Outnumber Hunger concerts and events.


Rhett (left) and also other BMLG artists at the the 2nd annual Outnumber Hunger Live! concert at The LINQ in las Vegas on April 4, 2014.

“This previous year has actually been filled through so numerous career milestones and also highlights, and one the the things I am most grateful because that is the platform its afforded me to shot and aid give earlier – and also to encourage my fans and also others to help give earlier – to neighborhood communities,” he said.


Outnumber Hunger is a nationwide effort aimed in ~ fighting hunger in the U.S. – and since 2011, we’ve assisted secure an ext than 45 million meals because that local households served by the Feeding America nationwide network the member food banks.

Participating in the cause is simple. An over there is music in it for you. Start March 1, head come your neighborhood store and look because that specially-marked Outnumber Hunger packages that contain a password to be entered online in ~ For every password you go into by January 31, 2018, Feeding America will secure 5 meals on behalf of your local food bank.*


In enhancement to helping you feel an excellent about providing back, this year program has an exclusive brand-new feature that will be music to countless country music fans’ ears. After ~ entering her code, you will do it get accessibility to reap a cost-free 30-day trial come Pandora Plus, as well as an exclusive Pandora mixtape featuring famous BMLG artists.

Hear what Rhett thinks about seeing his confront on the front of Cheerios boxes, in this video.

Kristin Merchant, senior marketing communications planner at basic Mills, to be on set during the 2017 Outnumber Hunger advancement shoot through Rhett in Nashville.

“After safety the day v Thomas ~ above set, his humble and also truly down-to-earth demeanor, paired through his genuine happiness for help others, evidenced he to be the perfect complement to stand for Outnumber Hunger this year,” Kristin says. “It was an respect to work alongside him to develop fun, engaging, and also sometimes cheeky content that you’ll view rolled out over this year campaign.”

That “cheeky” contents Kristin is introduce to includes this video, which initially aired on to chat Tonight.

In his brief career, Rhett has had actually six song reach No. 1 top top the country Airplay chart, including “T-Shirt,” “Get Me few of That,” “It Goes like This” and also “Die a Happy Man.”

Kristin defines the vibe on the Outnumber Hunger set with him together calm and light-hearted.

“From the production crew, to BMLG to thomas himself, everyone seemed to work in tandem and infuse a sense of fun,” she says. “Thomas was fantastic to occupational with on collection – you might tell that truly took pride in what he to be doing. Plus, it helped that he had actually a an excellent sense of humor and also was able to roll with anything we threw at him, including a Cheerio or two.”


In addition to getting to meet charismatic celebrities prefer Rhett, Kristin stated being part of the Outnumber Hunger initiative has actually been really rewarding.

“Working ~ above a cause-marketing platform is just one of the most lucrative parts of mine job right here at basic Mills,” states Kristin. “At the finish of the day, the feels good to recognize that the many hours that go into planning and also preparing for a campaign of this scale all have the end goal of help those in need. And for the reason, I’m constantly excited to share with civilization that I occupational for general Mills, a agency that places an emphasis in making sure we execute the best thing and aid out our neighbors.”


As a food company, it’s a natural fit for united state to sign up with the fight against hunger and find interesting ways for our employees and also fans to obtain involved.

Products special Outnumber Hunger, v Thomas Rhett and large Machine artists, will start arriving on keep shelves across the U.S. End the next couple of weeks.

Editor’s note: for every password you get in by January 31, 2018, we will donate 45 cents to Feeding America – sufficient to for sure 5 meals on instead of of regional food banks. Maximum total donation that $700,000. Us have already donated $500,000. We will donate increase to an additional $200,000 based upon online code entry and also other consumer actions. Look for much more information about the routine at

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