This search is gained when friend enter any type of Inn within the game world, but only as soon as you have actually reached the appropriate point in the story for each faction, specific the 2nd faction quest. These are:

Mixed heritages for The Blue chamber Collective

Tending the Flame because that The Heroic Kingdom the Levant

Doubts and Secrets because that The divine Mission the Elatt

For the many efficient an approach in completing the quest, that is recommended the you get in the inn within the city the Berg to gain the quest. This is because the first clue that you will need deserve to be uncovered within Enmerkar Forest, the an ar for which Berg is the main city.

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This quest is time sensitive. As a result, the guide will provide an optimal bespeak of acquiring ideas to the murder, allowing the player the finest chances of perfect the quest in time. That is advised that you complete this quest before attending the conference in the Blue Chamber. The initial pursuit of finding the priest in Abrassar is optional, and also does not carry out any added rewards if done.

Whether girlfriend have spoken with the priest in ~ the Nomad’s Oasis in Abrassar or not, the first thing you need to do is head come the charred Outpost in the southern region of Enmerkar Forest. An ext specifically, the outpost have the right to be found south west that the large Burning Tree. Within the station you will discover a large note ~ above the table, containing among the clues. Check out it to upgrade the search log.


(1 of 4) The place of the large Burning Tree on the Enmerkar forest map, far to the south of the city the Berg.

Next, friend will must go come the Hive prison in the an ar of Abrassar. It have the right to be found immediately to the eastern as you go into Abrassar native Enmerkar Forest. As you get in the Colossal Hive, look to her left (east) for some ruins. The Hive Prison can be uncovered within these ruins.

Within the Hive jail you will certainly encounter a Hive Lord and two walking Hives. These deserve to be dangerous if not faced properly. Castle are delicate to both Fire and Decay damage, so manipulate these damage species if you have actually them available. You deserve to use the prison cave to dragon the mobs if necessary, or also leave the cavern to recover if things come to be difficult. If you proceed to struggle, you can simply run as much as the note, ~ above the floor in the phibìc west that the cavern, communicate with it summary to upgrade the quest and then operation out again.


Walking Hives explode ~ a few seconds of being defeated. You must avoid this affect by running away from them as shortly as castle fall.

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The last clue can be found in the Slums that Levant. Head north east from the Colossal Hive come the city the Levant. You will uncover the enntrance gate to the slums in the southern of the city. In the south eastern corner of the slums friend will uncover a collection of stairs. Walk up the stairs and turn left (westward). Below you will discover a basket ~ above a rooftop, v the note consisted of within. Read the keep in mind to update the quest log on the last clue.