with Van Ness, McAllister, Dr. Carlton B. Goodlett Place, and also Grove drawing the border, City hall spans a two-block website of around 5.5 acres, and includes parking, sidewalks, and lawn areas.

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Taking BART or various other Public Transportation:

The nearest Bart terminal is the Civic center station. Because that public transport assistance, please visit the 511.org trip planner. For more information around MUNI services, please contact 311.


Metered parking is accessible on van Ness, McAllister, Grove, and also Dr. Carlton B. Goodlett Place. A CityPark underground parking lot of is located on McAllister, between Dr. Carlton B. Goodlett Place and also Larkin. For driving directions, please see the directions noted below, or visit Google Maps.

Directions from the southern Bay:

Take U.S. 101 north in the direction of San Francisco. Take the U.S. 101 North/Duboce Ave./Mission Street exit. Keep best at the fork in the ramp. Turn best onto Mission Street. Turn slight left onto valve Ness Ave. Turn appropriate onto McAllister, appropriate onto Dr. Carlton B. Goodlett Place.

Directions from the east Bay:

Take interstate 580. Departure onto interstate 80 West towards San Francisco, After crossing the just Bridge, take it at the 9th Street/Civic facility exit. Keep ideal at the fork in the ramp. Revolve left ~ above Harrison Street, climate turn appropriate onto 9th Street. Rotate slight left ~ above Hayes Street, climate turn ideal onto valve Ness Ave. Turn ideal onto McAllister, ideal onto Dr. Carlton B. Goodlett Place.

Directions indigenous the phibìc Bay:

Take U.S. 101 southern towards san Francisco. Overcome the gold Gate Bridge, and merge ~ above U.S. 101 southern (Lombard Street). Turn right at the intersection the Lombard and also Van Ness, onto van Ness Ave. Revolve left ~ above McAllister, appropriate onto Dr. Carlton B. Goodlett Place.

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City Hall"s official deal with is 1 Dr. Carlton B. Goodlett Place, san Francisco, California, 94102. The block the Polk Street in front of City room were change the name Dr. Carlton B. Goodlett place in honor of Dr. Carlton B. Goodlett, the late local civil rights leader, community activist, physician and publisher. Dr. Goodlett to be the publisher the the sun Reporter newspaper, and also served as the chairman of the san Francisco branch of the nationwide Association for the development of colored People. The main renaming awareness took ar on the anniversary of boy name Luther King Jr"s birthday, January 18, 1999.