Whether you"re traveling for organization or pleasure, prevent by The UPS Store and take benefit of our passport photograph services. And also if you"re on a chop deadline, we offer a selection of services for on-time distribution of your paperwork to the nationwide Passport processing Center. You"ll it is in on your means in no time!
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Are girlfriend planning to take trip internationally and also need to apply or renew her passport? acquire your passport picture taken in ~ your local The UPS save location. Did girlfriend know:
For a brand-new passport or passport regeneration application, your passport photo must be taken within the last 6 months to complement your existing appearance.Your neighborhood The UPS store location has the suitable equipment and knowledge come ensure her passport photos accomplish all demands for U.S. Passports and also other i would cards.As that 2016, eyeglasses space no much longer permitted in passport photos. Please remove your eyeglasses prior to taking your passport photo.

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Drop by our location at 8581 Santa Monica Blvd, West Hollywood, CA, and also we"ll help you acquire ready for your next trip v the right passport photo!
A solid-color top is suggested for passport photos. Protect against distracting prints, patterns, hats (excluding spiritual headwear), and also sunglasses.
Nine months prior to expiration is the ideal time come renew her passport. Most nations require her passport to be precious at least 6 months past the days of her trip. Numerous airlines will not even allow you to board if this necessity is no met.

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