When actor Burton Collins to be visiting his ok grandmother, she stated something the really spoke to him. She asked the “How can I aid you say goodbye?” shortly prior to her 1988 death, and also held on come it for many years.

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Turning that Phrase into A Song

He was introduced to singer-songwriter Karen Taylor-Good, that is finest known because that her peak 40 single “Diamond In The Rough” in 1982. Together, they wrote music and lyrics to accompany Collins’ grandmother’s words, which they offered as the title of the song, “How have the right to I help You say Goodbye”.

The song complies with a young mrs and three significant losses she experiences throughout she life. First, as a child, the narrator moves far from her ideal friend. Next, she and also her husband decision to separate and also lastly, her mommy passes away in so late adulthood. While the narrator is mourning each loss, her mommy asks her,

“How have the right to I help you come say goodbye? It’s OK to hurt, and also it’s OK to cry Come, permit me hold you and also I will certainly try How have the right to I aid you come say goodbye?”

Country singer Patty Loveless included “How deserve to I assist You speak Goodbye” on she 1993 album Only What i Feel. After the album achieved Gold status, radio stations were requesting Loveless’ record label that they release “How deserve to I help You to speak Goodbye” as a single, and in march 1994, castle did.

A huge Success

It climbed steadily up the charts, getting to No. 3 in June. The song was for this reason well-received, it to be nominated because that a Grammy compensation for ideal Female nation Vocal Performance and Best nation Song. The music video was nominated for video of the Year at the CMAs and ACMs.

Loveless proves her ability as an remarkable storyteller in the poignant song.

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When Life Imitates Art

During a 2008 interview with Country Universe, Loveless revealed the song took on a totality new an interpretation for she after she mother and also mother-in-law passed away an extremely close together.

“When i was driving ago to Georgia the various other day, i was listening come ‘How have the right to I help You to Say Goodbye.’ it was in reality a live version from a when ago, and also I had actually tear in mine eyes,” she said. “The emotions felt prefer running rapids…Now i’ve lived v that song, after ~ the endure with mine mother, and I attach to it. All of it.”

She likewise reveals the the suggest of the song isn’t to emphasis on the sadness behind it, it’s “to provide a song that’s healing…give civilization hope, even through sadness.”