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Dec 24, 2017562824Country
Hi Clock Experts:I acquired a Seth thomas Woodbury, it chimes correctly (quarter-hour and string hours) yet the pendulum swing a few seconds and also then stop and also I perform not hear any kind of click sound. The seller told me it was work before 2 years back and that has remained in storage since.Is this something straightforward to deal with myself or ...By the way, there space 3 winding holes. Is the middle one for time? Is so, why still need the pendulum ?ThanksMichael

Jul 3, 20162,83824063Carson City, NevadaCountryRegion

The middle arbor is because that the time. The arbor through the 4 is for the chimes ~ above the 1/4 hour. The arbor by the 8 is because that the to win on the hour.The objective of the pendulum is to regulate how rapid the clock runs. The three key reasons the pendulum go not store running room 1) the clock is no wound; 2) the clock is no in beat; 3) the clock requirements a great cleaning and servicing.You have the right to use the small magnifying glass in the upper right of this page alongside the word top to search for information around "putting a clock in beat."It would certainly also aid if you article some pictures of her clock. These should encompass the full clock from the front, and also close up images of the ago of the movement. That will assist us explain things better.
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Dec 24, 2017562824Country
Thanks. The clock is completely wound. Ns did a search yet the answers carry out not seem to be useful to me.Does the pendulum use any kind of "spring" force from the center arbor ? or it"s purely by initial push ? Is there any certain spot I must put a bit oil ? ns feel the oiling is mine issue. After I press the pendulum right and left a few times, it appears swing a little bit longer ...
Update: after i took turn off the pendulum, the clock seems maintaining time. The tick sounds much much faster (much higher frequency than v pendulum hanged there). Any kind of idea what is walk on ?
I think her clock may well be badly out of beat. Perform you know exactly how to put a pendulum clock right into beat? If not, over there are numerous here who will gladly help you. And "Beat setting 101" (see optimal of the repair page) will additionally tell you.JTD
Thanks, ns did went v the actions outlined in the "setting clock into beat" yet it go not occupational for me. But l"ll try again quickly ... Just how to explain that the clock "worked" through the pendulum taken turn off ? Of cause the clock goes really fast (about double the typical time) there is no the pendulum. Does that make feeling for me to take the movement out and also oil it everywhere ? The clock has been in storage because that last 2 years.
Thanks, ns did went v the procedures outlined in the "setting clock into beat" yet it go not work for me. Yet l"ll shot again soon ...How to define that the clock "worked" through the pendulum taken off ? Of cause the clock goes really fast (about twice the normal time) there is no the pendulum.Does the make sense for me to take it the activity out and also oil it all over ? The clock has been in storage for last 2 years.

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===============================Pendulums sluggish the clock down. The energy you put right into the clock through winding it desires to turn all the works as rapid as possible to unwind the spring. The only reason it is not really promptly unwinding is the the escape wheel and also the verge and also the stick you hang the pendulum ~ above is slowing it down some. V the pendulum added it slows down more and allows you to regulate how quick the clock runs by changing the effective center of heaviness of the pendulum.Simply taking the motion out come "oil it all over" is a really bad idea. Firstly, due to the fact that not every the parts are an alleged to have oil ~ above them. Secondly, adding oil come dirt renders a really effective fluid sandpaper the will conveniently sand far the steel parts the rub versus each other. The clock demands to be disassemedtox.orgled come be appropriately cleaned, and also possibly part parts should be repaired or replaced, then reassemedtox.orgled and also lubricated properly if you desire it to operation well for any length of time.And you re welcome hide the WD-40. It has actually no ar in clocks.