On “Roast yourself (Harder)”, Gabbie bring the crunchier sequel to her 2016 “Roast Yourself”. A nod come the miscellaneous dramas she encountered in she career together an entertainer… review More 

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Welcome ago guysI'm gonna roast myself againBecause, well, last timeIt simply wasn't fine doneYo, sup! I'm Gabbie, I'm a high rollerRollin' with in a brand brand-new Toyota CorollaLive alone in a two-bedroom apartmentBut it's real cheap, you deserve to tell by the carpetThat's ok, 'cause I'm never homeI'm in ~ the gym as you probably know'Cause ns post around it every single timeSo my weight loss never ever slips her mindI'm workin' out prefer 8 work a week'Cause i can't regulate myself when I eat (I'm hungry)Think I'm an Insta version now, what's that about?By the way, have I discussed that I work out?Had the glow increase of the motherfucking centuryBut I'll still die alone eventuallyThat's appropriate I'm single and ns can't save a man‘Cause I'm stunner in a means you can never understandLots the fans however where every my friends?And I'm alone every night that the weekend'Cause my society life's been in the rubbish canLove myself once I'm pumped through injections
Oh! Uh oh! oh no! my views room lowLooks favor my hair has obtained to go, againBut, hey, no sweat, no biggieAs long as you pay fist to mePay fist to mePay attention to meAlways to speak I'm functioning hardBut climate again, who am i kidding?See my job is a jokeI take selfies for a livingBut i gotta say, it's not no work, all playIf you're no convinced, inspect my resumeCall myself a musician, yet count mine songs, 1, 2First single, "Out Loud", sounds better on muteAnd speak of single, it makes no sense, man"I'm a satellite", but never had actually a true connectionMy music's underwhelming yet my best crimesAre my brand-new York Times finest selling nursery rhymesStorytime! ns admit, ns may have actually overreactedAnd ns hope you can see past it if I'm over-dramaticIf mine antics it seems to be ~ erratic and a touch problematicIt's one old negative habitI do mental acrobaticsMake the case seem indeed traumaticWhen the fact is if you research my intense reactionsThen the actions are a far cry from pragmaticIt's a organization tactic 'cause the honest factIs if you rest it down, it's really quite systematicSee I have actually an audience that has a demographicOn a platform operation by analyticsOn a platform that's strictly algorithmicOn a communication as long as her charismaticThen the communication rewards bein' a dickSo perhaps that's me (If the shoes fits, stay it)Hey, pardon me (Like the video clip and share it)And i think the we can all pardon Bryan Le'Cause he only did what you every wanna carry out to me
Overwhelmed, overworked, overpaidI’m on optimal of the world, sittin’ nice on a stackBut the revolution still cracks in mine veinsAt the bottom the the universeI’m feelin' all the weightPeople die for thisPeople lie because that thisPeople suck and also fuck some guy for thisPay the toll because that thisSell their soul for thisPlay the part but what's my role in this?I'm not built for thisAll the guilt that thisAnd ns don't think ns can address thisI'm as well old because that thisGonna wrinkles from thisPeople starvin’ and I get gold for this?You all chalk me upAs some whiny fuckWho's emphasize by successLike my life sucks?I obtain it, ns know, its together a conundrumI get what i want however I can’t have much fun through itIt’s no the fame or the money ns yearnin’I don’t give a fuck about what I’ve been earnin’But every day i wake up more blessed 보다 I'm learin'Out of all these civilization I’m least to deserve itI nothing deserve itI try to be perfectI’ll never ever be perfectI’m not worth itKeep lookin’ for answers ns swear i’ve searchin'But ns come increase short, and also give up quick‘Cause if I found it ns think I'd be scared of itYou don't watch the scene that’s behind the screenAnd i urge you every to be mindful of it

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It’s an interesting dichotomy that monetized sincerityStir up mine insecurity with continuous uncertaintyGeneration of anxietyThe “look in ~ me” societyDubiety the pietyThe gods all experience silentlyI’m sorry for my obsession through attentionI have actually an ungodly fear of rejectionMy apprehension and objection is the famous infectionOf dollars and also followers in ar of affectionWhat I require is a human being connectionNot blue light and also a foggy reflectionOf my misconception that my own perceptionA an outcome of too much introspectionThey uncover my disinterest interestingMy depression, a funny thingMy decline is relatablePeople love that I hate myselfYeah, they love that I hate myselfPeople love the I dislike myselfPeople love that I dislike myselfPeople love the I hate myselfI climbed the end of mine headAnd watched myself implodeA assumed without a bodyOught to be the shoot to take it a fill offMy brain is poisonedAnd I’m trying to find the antidoteBut every time I discover itMy defenses scream, "Oh, no you don't!”WoahBut it's fineNo, really I'm fineIt's just a issue of timeYou'll lose your mindAnd not be fine indigenous time come timeI'm not crazyBut i feel crazy all a suddenIn a city never ever seein'Snow or rain or leaves in autumnLose you yourself in seasonsNot remembering the you forgot 'emKnocking on my doorCan’t challenge 'em so i lock 'em outBut ns don't mindNo, ns really don't mind'Cause believe it or notIt feels great to be forgotFrom time to timeSo forget meAnd please, God, forgive meIf you feeling a touched underwhelmedBy all my overwhelming negativityWho am I and also when?When's my work day endAnd where does me begin?Are this my colleagues or mine friends?On a scale of ten come oneDo friend hate that I've become?'Cause i hate that I've becomeI'm sorry for that I've become