Persona 2: innocent Sin – seven Sisters High School call Guide + blend Spells ListIn Persona 2, lot like the very first game, you have the right to make Pacts and also deals v the Demons the you fight. By doing this you can get Tarot Cards you must summon new Personas as well as various items. This collection of guides is supposed to covering making contact and also how to form Pacts and receive Tarot Cards. Part pacts can not be make at existing as you execute not have the complete team yet. Girlfriend will have the complete team after girlfriend visit the Principle"s Office yet do not rush this. That takes time to it is in able to form pacts v everyone but doable.XaphanEager: Lisa – Seduce: Hanged man CardsHappy: Tatsuya – Impressions: Ultraviolet StringGhostEager: Tatsuya – death Stare: adversary CardHappy: Maya + Michel: AntidotePixieEager: Tatsuya – death Stare, discuss Manliness: Lover CardsHappy: Lisa/Ginko – discuss Love: Saffron EarringSlimeEager: Tatsuya – fatality Stare: Tower CardsHappy: Lisa – Seduce: MedicineNightmareEager: Tatsuya & Lisa – Moon CardsHappy: Yukki – Reason: revival BeadRatatoskrEager: Michel – self Promotion: Hermit CardsHappy: Maya – talk about Parents: open SesamePoltergeistEager: Tatsuya & Michel: evil one CardHappy: Yukki – Reason: Medicine

Magic combination Spells

Fire fusion Spells

Fusion SpellEffectSetupBlazing Burst

Water combination Spells

Fusion SpellEffectSetupHeavy Rain
Deal Water damages to one enemy,calculated by mean of participating allies" Dx.

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Wind blend Spells

Fusion SpellEffectSetupDragon Flight
Deal Wind damages to one enemy,calculated by median of participating allies" Dx.

Earth combination Spells

Fusion SpellEffectSetupBoulder SmashTake-Mikazuchi
Deal Earth damage to one enemy,calculated by average of participating allies" Dx.
Deal Ice damages to one enemy,calculated by mean of participating allies" Dx.(40% opportunity of causingFreeze.)
Deal Ice damages to all enemies,calculated by typical partcipating allies" Dx.(40% chance of causingFreeze.)
Deal Elec damage to one enemy,calculated by typical of participating alles" Dx.(40% possibility of causingShock.)
Deal Elec damage to all enemies,calculated by median of participating alles" Dx.(40% opportunity of causingShock.)
Take-Mikazuchi deals Elec damages to all enemies.Damage figured out by summoner"s level.

Nuclear blend Spell

Fusion SpellEffectSetupKagutsuchi
Kagutsuchi deals Nuclear damages to every enemies.Damage determined by summoner"s level.

Almighty combination Spells

Fusion SpellEffectSetupGod Hand
A huge fist slams into all enemiesto deal high Almighty damage.

Instant Kill combination Spells (Ineffective versus bosses)

Fusion SpellEffectSetupAtomic Destruction
Causes subatomic break down for a high possibility ofan immediate kill come one enemy.

Recovery and also Assist fusion Spells

Fusion SpellEffectSetupDiamai
Recover short HP each turn for one ally till the battle is over.

Ailment Inflicting fusion Spells

Fusion SpellEffectSetupClassic Melody
Healing Nerve music has actually a high opportunity ofcausing sleep to every enemies.

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Physical blend Spells

Sword blend Spells

All element sword fusion skills do damages of each kind separately.Fusion SpellEffectSetup