I"ve been wondering this question ever since I first did that puzzle dungeon. Has anyone managed to complete this solo (without companions, sidekicks or custom adventurers)?Hall of the Unseen is an optional dungeon in the southeastern part of the map, on a series of volcanic islands.

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The solution involves pulling IIRC hitting the third to last switch, then second to last switch, and you cannot travel between the two when you do so. Normally this would be done by having a companion in the room with the second to last switch. You might be able to do it with a summon (you can get usable figurines if you aren"t a caster) or a teleport ability.




Its possible doing it solo. Have done it by myself 2 times. Clicked the switches random until it works.

Just try and error. Good luck ;-)


 Done this as Bleak Walker Paladin.



Gonna bump this in case people search for it via Google. It is absolutely doable via Solo play. I did it with a full party, but under the restriction that I couldn"t be split up and solve the puzzle that way (it was a proof of concept for later play )


Seems most people run into problems at the very south end of the maze where there is a set of four doors that are somewhat interlocking. Normally folks will leave someone behind to press various switches until everyone can get through.


The key for Solo play is that there are a few switches which don"t seem to open anything. They are almost certainly switches of a sort which will change when doors will open OR they are opening doors far out of sight.


In the case of the south end, the easy way to not have to mess with it is to hit the following switch in front of the already open door (which doesn"t appear to do anything) EXACTLY ONCE on your way down there:




Now keep going down the path and skip ANY switch in front of a door that is ALREADY open.


You know the south doors are set correctly if ONE of the doors is already open, like so:




Hit the switch directly to the north, and the open door will close, while the closed one will open.


Then hit the switch right next to that normally perplexing door and stroll on in to the rest of the maze.

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There"s a few other places in the maze like that, with perhaps some intentional red herrings thrown in (though I haven"t exhaustively tested it). Regardless that seems to be the tricky one, so the rest should be trial-and-error. There"s another similar puzzle a bit further on the north end, and of course the final door itself. If I have time later tonight, and I can figure a simple way to do it, I"ll provide walkthrough for Solo play there as well.