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Tim McGraw still tugs at nation fans" heartstrings whenever they hear his very first No. 1 hit, 1994"s "Don"t take it The Girl."

While prior optimal 10 country single and optimal 20 crossover struggle "Indian Outlaw" signaled McGraw"s mainstream arrival, "Don"t take the Girl"s" chart-topping success and its very own Top 20 spot on Billboard"s all-genre warm 100 chart created that nation music"s newest hit-maker to be no flash in the pan. Both "Indian Outlaw" and also "Don"t take the Girl" appear on McGraw"s sophomore album, Not a minute Too Soon.

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McGraw"s breakthrough adheres to how considerably the expression "don"t take the girl" can readjust as a young boy grows approximately be a husband and father. It"s a story that deserve to make a cold love melt, yet don"t acquire too upset over its abrupt ending-- that is music video clip offers hope the Johnny"s mam survives the song"s tense final verse.

"Don"t take The Girl" finished 30th ~ above the Billboard Hot country Songs" year-end chart, through the solitary that adhered to it, "Down ~ above the Farm," finishing fifth.

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Co-writer Craig J. Martin, that passed away on July 3, 2020, come up v the song"s melody and also title at a trying time in his life.

Back then, Martin"s at an early stage "90s stint together a Mercury records recording artist had gone South, and also one the the couple of things pulling him v that disappointment was his beautiful, new girlfriend.

Something as straightforward as a love one prepare a tiny pizza switched Martin"s mind into songwriter mode.

"I had this melody in my head, and also at the exact same time i was a tiny depressed and also was thinking about how this record deal to be going," he adds. "I was type of talk under mine breath come God, and also I thought. "You have the right to take this record deal or this an excellent publishing transaction or any of mine possessions. Take any type of of it. Simply don"t take her." She was that crucial to me. We ended up continuing to be together because that 17 years, despite I had actually a terrible, terrible mind cramp one time and also messed it every up."

When it come time for Martin to work a co-write v Larry Johnson, a specific idea native Martin"s an individual life transformed right into something through universal appeal.

Johnson died in June 2020.

In 2019, McGraw showed that his first multi-platinum hit had actually aged well when he revisited "Don"t take it the Girl" through "The Git Up" singer Blanco Brown.

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This story previously ran top top July 14, 2020.

"Don"t take the Girl" Lyrics

Johnny"s dad was acquisition him fishin"When he to be eight years old

Little girl came v the former gateHoldin" a fishingpoleHis dad looked down and smiledHe said, "We can"t leave her behind""Son, I recognize you don"t want her to goBut at some point you"ll readjust your mind"And Johnny said"Take Jimmy JohnsonTake Tommy ThompsonTake my best friend, BoTake anybody that you want asLong as she don"t goTake any boy in the worldDaddy please, don"t take the girl"

Same old boy, very same sweet girlTen years under the roadHe hosted her tight and kissed her lips inFront the the snapshot showStranger came and pulled a gunGrabbed her by the eight said"If you perform what i tell girlfriend toThere won"t be any harm"And Johnny claimed "Take my moneyTake mine walletTake my credit cardsHere"s the watch the my Grandpa gave meHere"s the crucial to mine carMister give it a whirlBut pleasedon"t take it the girl"

Same old boySame sweet girlFive years down the roadThere"s gonna it is in a tiny one and sheSays it"s time come goDoctor claims the baby"s fineBut you"ll have to leave"Cause his momma"s fading quick andJohnny fight his knees and also there the prayed"Take the very breath you offered meTake the love from mine chestI"ll gladly take her ar if you"ll allow meMake this my last requestTake me the end of this worldGod, pleasedon"t take the girl"

Johnny"s daddyWas acquisition him fishin"When he was eight years old

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