POKEMON go players have actually been experiencing a very annoying error protecting against them from accessing their friends lists. Below is how to settle the problem.

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How to fix ‘Failed to gain Friends list’ error? (Image: NIANTIC) If you store tapping your display screen hoping for her friends list to magically appear you are not alone.

The dreaded “Failed to acquire Friends list” problem has regrettably returned.

This means players of the AR game are impede from making use of all the game’s features.

This problem, annoying as it may be, is nothing brand-new to Pokemon walk players.

With every medtox.orgntents update because the Friends lists were added there appears to be some kind of issue.

This time approximately it no seem to be plaguing energetic Pokemon go players.

It’s more likely medtox.orgme a difficulty for brand-new users, or those returning after a while.

The friends list error seems to be appearing due to not being able to affix to Niantic’s servers properly.

This has been causing a totality host of problems, together as stopping players sending/receiving gifts, including friends, battling and tracking fitness numbers.

All this has a knock-on effect, affect egg flower an medtox.orgllecting girlfriend candies.

Users that both Android and iOS room experiencing problems.

If you’re gaining this message, girlfriend are influenced by the bug: “Error 0, failure to acquire Friends List, try again Later.”

The error is proving to be tough to fix, and Niantic doesn’t have a details timeframe for as soon as they mean the problem to it is in resolved.

Niantic is fully aware that the problem, however has not right now offered a steady solution.

Answering a player elevating the issue on Twitter, Niantic responded: “Thanks for getting to out, Wilson!

“We've received similar reports and are looking into this. Stay tuned to our official networks for further announcements. Appreciate your patience. ^SR”

In the meantime, there is one point that has helped various players.

This is deleting and also reinstalling the app.

Players won’t lose any type of progress, as long as you remember your login details.

This isn’t a guaranteed method to deal with the game, yet it’s worth a go if girlfriend re struggling.

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In the meantime, medtox.orgntinue to be updated on any fixes by keeping an eye top top the Niantic assistance Twitter page.