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Shane G.

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The staff room respectful ~ above the phone however they could care less. Castle don"t treatment to talk to people on the phone and also it"s nearly like there too good. Ns have remained in the public occupational for years. The way these staff carry them self and also act in the direction of the citizens are unreal. Room taxes perform pay for there wages right. My tip is hire civilization that want to execute that job if no I see my self never having a package deliver through USPS .......oh and also the totality leaving at door step and also not ringing the bell which ....

Reyna Y.

Have letter in the mailbox, that requirements to gain picked up, yet my mail guy decides supposedly that it"s no a urgent matter. As soon as I call, "oh, we will certainly send someone back to pick it up".Get house at 10 pm, what a surprise my mail is tho there..I guess: v I can go autumn it turn off in the morning, and also give them a item of mine mind, i beg your pardon is no going to be pretty

Jerry C.

Terrible service. Mine (correctly addressed) package was significant as undeliverable and also I never obtained a call or notice. Likewise went come the mailbox Saturday and the mail man told me come many world scamming the short article office therefore he wouldnt supply the package even if that knew who the human was.as ns look in ~ the reveiws because that this post office there every bad and also all this year just how is this permissible?

The carrier for my route regularly decides to merely not deliver mail on ours street sometimes. I"ve dubbed to complain more than once. Occasionally I gain the postmaster and also he"s helpful. Various other times I gain a salesperson who provides lame excuses. Occasionally nobody answers in ~ all. Just how is this permissible?

Terrible service. My (correctly addressed) package was marked as undeliverable and I never acquired a speak to or notice. Had actually to inspect online. Then called the short article office on a functioning day during work hours, never ever answered. Then called the next day and also they left me on hold till closing.Called the following day asking where my parcel was, and also without asking for tracking info, the human asume it to be sent back to the sender.

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