CORBIN — The Corbin post office can have a new home in the coming years, together the united State Postal service (USPS) no much longer considers its current home located at 301 Roy Kidd Avenue price effective.

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“The Postal service is encountering the most vital period in the history,” reads a letter from the USPS come Corbin mayor Suzie Razmus that will be post in Corbin’s write-up office Tuesday. “Despite far-ranging cost reductions, the Postal business continues to suffer a network loss together mail volume continues to decrease because of increased electronic communication.”

The letter walk on to say that due to the fact that USPS is a self-supporting government establishment that receive no taxes dollars for its operation expenses, the Postal service must rely on the sale of postage, products and services to generate revenue.

“In the face of unsustainable deficits, the Postal service must seek methods to cut costs, rise revenue and use that is physical infrastructure as efficiently as possible,” says the letter.

According come a USPS press release, the proposed move could see Corbin’s article office move to a 16,000-17,000 square-foot building with around 88 parking spaces within the city limits.

The Times-Tribune got to out to USPS and was told by a representative the the current structure that houses Corbin’s article office is 16,284 square feet.

The representative stated the upgrade would certainly be what they consider a one-for-one, and that the current write-up office was old and no longer cost effective. The USPS also leases the parking lot located behind the current write-up office.

The push release walk not particularly name any kind of potential web page or structures for Corbin’s brand-new home in ~ this time, however does to speak the brand-new facility will maintain the exact same level the service.

“If the reestablishment is approved, Postal retail services will stay in the neighborhood at a different physical place within the same geographical ZIP code area,” reads the push release. “There will be no transforms to mail delivery, customers’ addresses or write-up Office Boxes together a an outcome of this reestablishment,” that continues, noting that retail services will proceed at the current site till a new facility is established.

When asked when Corbin residents can expect a new post office, the USPS representative stated that it can take a couple of year or more.

The process could take even longer as the USPS has actually to an initial find a perfect property to move the write-up office to and then to purchase that property. Adhering to that, they have to bid out builders to either build or renovate the building, and then the construction process itself needs to be completed.

As for now, the USPS is right now soliciting feedback from community members regarding the potential move.

Typically a community-type forum would certainly take ar where a USPS representative would comment on plans through the community and also receive feedback there. However, since of COVID-19 concerns, the USPS is sending out out postcards to Corbin letter recipients with the following attend to for them come send their comments to. That resolve is P.O. Crate 27497 Greensboro, phibìc Carolina 27498-1103.

If friend are sending out your comments to the USPS, be sure to incorporate the line “Attn: Corbin, KY - main Office Relocation” on your envelope.

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The USPS will accept these letters and also comments from the general public for the next 30 days. Adhering to that 30-day period, it will certainly then consider the comments and also concerns it got from the public and will do a last decision to proceed with, modify, or publication its proposal.