Are you applying for a passport for the first time? Or perhaps renewing one that has expired? No matter the situation, you deserve to learn more on passport renewals and also how to get a passport in King, NC by analysis below.

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How To acquire a Passport In King

Listed listed below are the obtainable King, NC passport post offices. Within every passport office listing, we administer a call number, hours, parking availability, and appointment requirements. Please keep in mind that passport acceptance agents run at times various than article office sleeve hours. If an appointment is required, please contact the number listed on the listing come speak with a representative. This individual will schedule her appointment in ~ a time the is practically for you.You will need to bring details official files with you to an appointment. These files can range from your Social defense card come a birth certificate. The King, NC passport place can provide you with a list of what you’ll need. Because all passports function your photo, the passport office will take one because that you throughout your appointment. Please note that it will take anywhere from 6-8 mainly for your passport to come at her King, NC home. When using for your first passport or renewing one you already have, there is a fee. That will have to be paid at the moment of application.

Child Passports

In current years the criteria for obtaining children passports have changed. If you will do it be traveling v a child, the passport firm in King, NC can offer you all the crucial details. This guidelines space designed to safeguard children, but permit for extr time to attain the passport. Bear in mind that your son may need to be physically present when you fill out the application.

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King Passport Office Locations

An meeting is required. Please call 336-983-3596.Monday-Friday : 9:00am - 2:00pmSaturday-Sunday : Closed1 miles away from King.Lot Parking AvailableNORTH point POST OFFICEAn appointment is required. Please speak to 336-668-1375.Monday-Friday : 10:00am - 3:00pmSaturday-Sunday : Closed10 miles far from King.Lot Parking AvailableWALNUT COVE post OFFICEAn appointment is required. Please speak to 336-591-7380.Monday-Saturday : 7:00am - 3:30pmSunday : Closed12 miles away from King.Lot Parking AvailableOther nearby LocationsPhone: 844-898-8305Monday-Sunday : 24 hours a work

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