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John S.

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I haven"t got a package I know they have and also have make the efforts to contact at least twice a day for a week through no price so carry out yourself a favor usage fedex or ups

Crystal D.

We asked lock to hold our mail until we obtained back. I obtained a package from abroad that i was expecting. They sent it back because ns wasn"t there to expropriate it. It was a package that did not need a signature and also they knew the letter was obtaining held. I"ve also had letter not gain to me ~ 2 weeks from several household members in another state. The package will certainly arrive in a reasonable time but won"t obtain to me because that a while. Ns have had this take place several times.

Mike M.

Live in rural part of London,so went to post office asking them not to leaving packages on mine door step,or in letter box. Had actually me and also my wife to sign records to this affect. This to be 3 weeks ago....Since us signed documents have had 3 packages left in letter box. Reportedly some human being CAN"T follow instructions, or just don"t care.

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Our roadway hasn"t gained mail because that a week since it snowed ~ above day critical week.I an alert the mail girl suddenly quit driving right here normal 4 wheel drive delivery car the job it snowed and instead is now driving a tiny red 2 wheel drive.Guess it"s much easier to gain out the doing few of her path with one excuse prefer ( i can"t drive under that roadway in this ! )Anyway, top top the fifth day there is no mail I captured up with her a mile from our road and asked if I could please gain the mail because that my deal with as I had been wait on an important correspondance.we were much less than 20 stop from my residence on her route so I thought I wouldn"t be imposing because she claimed she wasn"t coming under our road, yet her harsh attitude suggested I to be incorrect as she inquiry heartedly (are girlfriend the price that"s been calling us from 120 somthing?)As I had actually not been the prick I stated (no maam) and also gave her my address.I to be told through this woman the makes practically $60,000 a year to provide the mail the she wasn"t going come dig with the 10 come 20 addresses in the box of letter she was holding to convenience me ! and I"d obtain my mail when I obtained it.our roadway was really drivable today , together was made apparent when ns rode come town thrust by one 80 ya old man just a tiny while before talking through this rude mail girl, but as ns sat in my car at the end of curry roadway as the mail vehicle approached it, she grinned and also shook she head and drove ideal on.our letter wasn"t yielded .Hire someone to deliver the mail that appreciates $60,000 a year and is willing to let it show.TY.