It is really bad when you go to the short article office and find a authorize posted ~ above the door: “No stamps accessible only in device in lobby” and also the an equipment in the lobby was out of the stamps ns needed.

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That taken place last loss and an ext than once. Climate after the an initial of the year, they just started what seems prefer randomly carrying our mail.

I run a business and also we count on the mail for a multitude that documents. We have actually clients and vendors that still do not utilize electronic devices. We went from December 23rd, 11 a.m. Mail delivery until December 29th after ~ 7 p.m. Letter delivery. We usually get mail every day.

When I referred to as the write-up Office top top Tuesday morning they denied not transporting the mail yet the box was stuffed with mail on Tuesday, 12/29 once I heard them journey up and also deliver in ~ 7 p.m.

This same type of scenario has emerged at the very least 3 an ext times because the very first of the year and I got to out to the U.S. Postal service Complaints division with no an answer other 보다 the traditional email the the regional postmaster will certainly get back with me. Not!

After my gift in company in PTC for over 40 years and getting mail delivered every Saturday, they now just made decision that we carry out not need mail top top the weekends. For this reason they declared they no longer pickup our letter or deliver mail ~ above Saturday.

I called and also was told that I had told them that we carry out not require Saturday letter service. Since that was no true I defined it and they advised that it would begin back. I have been right here every Saturday however one myself because that the previous 6 weeks and guess what — Saturday mail only taken place once.

To be fair, double they apparently yielded the mail after 5 p.m. On Sunday twice; due to the fact that I drive by and also check the box to make certain mail does no sit overnight and wow, letter appeared.

No Saturday letter this weekend. Yesterday, Monday us did not get any kind of mail until after ours office closed. Together I was getting ready to leave at 5:45 p.m., ns was walking to the box to take it the letter out and also take it to the short article office as soon as the postal van drove up.

On January 28, 2020 a client of ours around a mile down the roadway mailed united state a check. Once the inspect had still not landed on Feb. 12, the client reissued the check and also hand ceded it to me. Their original check showed increase on Feb. 16.

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And, today, I sent someone to mail 2 certified big envelopes v cash to pay for it because they will certainly not take it a agency check from simply anyone, and also you carry out not send your credit card with someone else. But guess what, they sent him ago to me and also would no take the mail due to the fact that he walk not have the EXACT readjust for the postage (including the suitable cents).

And we have actually been bailing the post Office out for how countless years and also at what cost?