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When USPS tracking says a parcel is over there they to speak NO try tomorrow. One time it was Tuesday and they said coming earlier on Friday. Most of the moment it is there every the time and also often reflects up in the following 30 minutes.Brandon (see below) have to be somebody"s brother.

Aster karllm S.

This article Office also "lost" my package. This has to be the worst short article Office in existence. Uncaring, arrogant management and employees. Phone at this post Office continues to be off the hook practically all day. It is a wonder if any kind of packages ever before received if they go with this write-up Office.I would offer them a minus 100 stars, if possible.

Post office shed my parcel of my nephew winter clothes. Also though the status states (outfor delivery) . Unconcern, don"t care, my kid etc. Looks pretty in your nephew winter apparel is what ns felt about this situation.

Brandon S.

They assisted out rather well. My significant complaint is the an obstacle in actually getting to them. As soon as I gained a number that operated I got helped appropriate away and now currently my parcel is being ceded as we speak. Unique done, now get the phones fixed and also I"ll offer you a 5 star.

I great I could give this location a negative 5. THE pure WORST short article OFFICE IN THE forever OF ETERNITY.

I marketed a 150 dissension coin top top eBay. It had to go with this article office. Well the mail man ceded it however never scanned it. Well ns don"t obtain paid until it is delivered. Needless come say there was nothing that might be done. THEY expense ME $150.00 bucks. That 150 was component if my christmas purchase money. You males are the worst for this reason called post office in the country. I hope you and also your households have a nice Xmas. Because of you i was cit short. No wonder the united state postal organization is going under hill. 150.00 bucks!!!!! girlfriend suck!!!! thanks for the Xmas gift a*#$oles

I am 53 year old. Lived in 6 various zip codes and also this is by far the worse postal business I have actually seen. Castle told us our Hiram 30141 was transforming to powder Springs 30127 and it would take 1 year to switch over. Not true, troubles started immediately and continue.

I put in four readjust of addresses and also they still sent out my mail to mine old residence.... I mean!!!!!!!!!!!

Most Lethargic - Lazy - Non-Caring Personnel ~ above the planet. I deserve to understand why this the end FITt loser Billions a year.Actually deserves a "neagative" star yet unavailable.

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