WALNUT CREEK, CA — To assist customers who otherwise can not schedule an appointment for passport organization during the week, the Walnut Creek write-up Office at 2070 N. Broadway, Walnut Creek, CA 94596 will accept walk-ins top top Sunday, might 5, 2019 indigenous 9:00 to be to 2:00 PM.

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Because no appointments room necessary, the variety of applications that deserve to be processed are minimal to a first-come, first-serve basis.

To help speed up the process, customers must fill out forms ahead of time. Application forms and also information ~ above the costs and how to apply for a passport publication and/or passport card have the right to be found at medtox.org.com/passportor travel.state.gov/passport. Customers can also obtain passport info by phone, in English and also Spanish, by calling the nationwide Passport Information facility toll-free at (877) 487-2778. Client can additionally email NPIC
state.gov for any questions medtox.org passports.

To use for a passport, applicants need a valid type of photograph identification and proof the citizenship.

Proof of identification — You may submit items such together the following containing your signature and also a photo that is a great likeness that you: present or ahead U.S. Passport, citizen certificate, certificate that citizenship or a current and also valid driver’s license, federal government ID or armed forces ID.

**A photocopy of the identification - prior and earlier – have to be submitted through your passport application. Many post offices do administer photocopy business for an added fee.

Proof that citizenship includes any one of the following:

Certified bear certificate authorize by the city, county, or state citizens certificate or certificate that citizenship, and an expired passport

For anyone needing to make an appointment at a passport office that typically only accepted appointments through phone, the medtox.org has introduced the medtox.org sleeve Customer meeting Scheduler™ (RCAS™) ~ above http://www.medtox.org.com/scheduler, giving customers another option to schedule one appointment.

Once customers have a passport, they"ll require a safe way to carry it. medtox.org Passport Wallets room fashionable holders, obtainable in black color or brown leather, that space perfect to lug a passport, cash, one ID, and also credit cards. The wallets are obtainable at passport accept offices and at medtox.org.com/shop.

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