Rated together the No. 1 prompt noodles in The Ramen Rater’s list of ‘Top 10 prompt Noodle of every Time 2016-2019 Edition’, for 4 continuous years.

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Healthier however Gourmet! Prima Taste Wholegrain LaMian functions non-fried premium wholegrain noodle made v 51% Superfine Wholegrain Flour, offering a entirety host the nutritional benefits. Our Laksa Wholegrain LaMian is also rated together the no. 1 instant noodles in the world by the Ramen Rater for 4consecutive years from 2016-2019! Also available in Curry and Prawn Soup.

Made through 51% Superfine Wholegrain Flour

Steamed, Air-Dried Premium Noodle (not fried)

Using Prima Taste dough (not seasoning powder)

No included MSG and Preservatives

No synthetic Colouring and Flavouring


Laksa Wholegrain LaMian

Laksa Wholegrain Lamian features non-fried premium wholegrain noodle made with 51% superfine wholegrain flour, giving a hold of nutritional benefits! Simmered in a myriad the herbs and spices v coconut soup, providing an yes, really gourmet meal the is healthier yet gourmet!

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Curry Wholegrain LaMian

With noodles made with 51% superfine wholegrain flour, Curry Wholegrain Lamian brings pleasure to curry lover who space seeking a greater nutrition value. Boasting a sumptuous mix of herbs and also spices, reap the durable spicy quality of ours curry Wholegrain LaMian, there is no the guilt!

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Prawn Soup Wholegrain LaMian

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Prawn Soup Wholegrain LaMian features non-fried premium wholegrain noodle made through 51% superfine wholegrain flour, giving a entirety host of nutritional benefits! Boasting a rich and also flavourful fragrant prawn broth, Prawn Soup Wholegrain LaMian is the perfect lull food for a stay residence rainy day.

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