QSalam. The Quran defines that the objective of life is to worship God. However at the same time the emphasizes the God is self-sustaining and all powerful and is in no need of worship and also even for this reason He has completely obedient Angels for that task. Question: 1. One might still wonder if Islam answer the question on the real purpose of life. 2. God cannot be pains by physical forces yet is infuriated by think or speech such as blasphemy and disbelief. This is all too obvious in the Quranic discourse. Isn"t that proof the the principle of God additionally exists only in the mind? together a just thought?



Part of this guidance involves recognizing all of the significant blessings, i beg your pardon He has created together with us, allowing us to command a beneficial life.

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All that room in the heavens and also the earth entreat Him. Every job He exercises universal power. (Ar-Rahman 55:29)

Eternity in Paradise

He has given us everything we must sustain this life, but an ext importantly, the has displayed us the means to achieve something even more incredible, the possibility to live in forever in paradise in His glorious presence.

To accomplish this, the is absolutely vital to continue to be in close contact with him on a constant basis as lot as us can, and also if possible, at all times the the day and night. Hence, come the requirement of prayer and piety. We do ourselves a an excellent disservice if we miss this opportunity.

I expect this has actually been helpful. Ns ask Allah Almighty to lead united state to what is beneficial and to protect us from what is harmful.

And Allah to know best.

I hope this helps.

Walaikum Assalam Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh.

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