What area execute you recommend for seats? It's tough to tell indigenous the seating graph how much you room from the phase in the mezzanines.

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We to be in center orchestra row L for the Christmas Spectacular, and I assumed we to be a little too much back. I'd really recommend payment a bit more for seats closer come the stage.

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The seating arrangement at the Radio City Music hall is excellent. We sat on the 2nd mezzanine in the front row which to be a an excellent unobstructed view. I would imply googling "a watch from mine seat" at radio city music hall. This offers a great perspective.

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If girlfriend can acquire seats in ~ the an initial 2-4 rows that the mezzanine friend should have actually no trouble viewing the stage. Us were in the an initial row, therefore you have actually no obstructions.

  the is a decent dimension theatre, but unless you room in really back that the orchestra seating, over there aren't many bad seats in the house.

We to be a party the 7 and also booked reasonably late for the Christmas Show, so ended up in the second Mezzanine, but as previous answers, uneven you are incredibly nearsighted, friend will have an unimpeded view wherever you pick to sit. I even managed to gain some pretty good photos through my iphone without the flash from where we were seated.

In fact to fully appreciate the scale, grandeur and also general ambience the this location if you're on a budget, i would more than likely recommend going because that cheaper seat in the 1st or second Mezzanine.

We were in RR in the Orchestra section for the Christmas Spectacular. They to be perfect! We additionally were able to gain a good deal on tickets v Stub Hub. It was last minute so they were yes, really discounted!!! expect this helps.

It's a huge stage and also a substantial spectacle for this reason proximity to the stage isn't as pertinent as it would be in one intimate theater. We saw the Christmas show and also the spring spectacular and we were close to the behind of the orchestra section and also it was fine. I wouldn't over pay because that a closer seat, it would be favor sitting in the front row at one imax theater.

We bought seat on the critical day of the Christmas present so didn't have any type of choice. Us were in the facility rear of the balcony and also had great sight lines. The audio system is excellent so we can hear everything. I have sat in the front orchestra also, but unless girlfriend have much more $ 보다 you understand what to do with, I would certainly buy less expensive seats.

Obviously the best seats space in the facility block yet don't gain too close to we were about 10 rows earlier in the stalls area which for us was perfect, i guess in some respects it's an individual choice.

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It all relies on what you desire to spend on every ticket. The room is large and the phase is vast and has countless visibility from all seats. Again it relies on the ticket price and how close you desire to be to the stage. All personal preference.

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