Lyric Analysis: “Remember Everything”, by five Finger DeathPunch

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This song is a slow song. Some might take into consideration it depressing. The feeling in this track is for this reason tangible I can feel it bordering me and filling my heart every time ns listen come it. That can also hit house with me, i beg your pardon is a key reason regarding why I favor it so much.

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Oh, dear mother, i love you
. I’m sorry, i wasn’t great enough. Too ~ father, forgive me
. ‘Cause in your eyes, I simply never included up
. In my love I know I fail you, but you left me below alone

“Oh, too ~ mother, ns love you. Ns sorry, i wasn’t god enough.” starting off this song nearly sounds like a letter he is writing to his family to tell them he is sorry for previous wrongs he has done to them. Particularly to his mom, the is i m really sorry he wasn’t good enough for she love. “Dear father, pardon me. ‘Cause in her eyes, I simply never included up.” here he’s apologizing to his father for never obtaining up to expectations. “In my heart I know I failed you, yet you left me below alone.” here he’s apologizing for no living up to their expectations, but additionally telling them that they left that alone physically and mentally

If I could hold earlier the rain, would you numb the pain? ’Cause i remember everything. If ns could help you forget, would certainly you take it my regrets? ’Cause ns remember everything.

This chorus is among the most, if not the most, emotional and pulling chorus’s i have ever heard in a song. Right here the singer is questioning his parental to please not resent him anymore because all he feels is pain for leading to it. He remembers whatever he go wrong and he wants them to know exactly how remorseful the is around everything he’s done, and also just desires them to it is in proud to speak to him your son.

Oh, to ~ brother, just don’t hate me
. For never ever standing by you or being by her side. Too ~ sister, please don’t reprimand me
. I only did what I believed was important right
. It’s a long and lonely road, when you know you walk alone

“Oh too ~ brother, simply don’t dislike me. For never standing by you or being by her side.” The guy is currently addressing his siblings for no being there. He’s asking his brothers to no hate the for never being there or standing by him. “Dear sister, you re welcome don’t reference me. I just did what I assumed was truly right.” I think here he’s asking him no to blame her for something that did to she in the past. As soon as I hear these lines ns think that he did something that impacted her negatively and also now she holds part resentment towards him. Now he’s asking her to forgive him because, in ~ the time, he thought what he did to be the best thing for her. “It’s a long a lonely road, when you know you to walk alone.” here he’s trying to let his brother know just how painful it is to be alone for so long, and also to be by your self.

(Chorus repeat: same analogy, just directed in the direction of the siblings this time.)

I feel favor running away. I’m still so far from home. You say the I’ll never change. However what the fuck execute you know?
. I’ll burn it every to the ground prior to I let you in
. You re welcome forgive me, ns can’t forgive you now. I remember everything.

“I feel prefer running away. Ns still so far from home. You say the I’ll never ever change. But what the fuck perform you know?” below I can clearly hear the anger structure inside that this man, especially when he states the heat “But what the fuck do you know,” putting focus on ‘fuck’. He’s saying the he feels so much from them and also he desires to run from that all. Climate he take away offense once they tell the he can’t readjust and grows angry by this remark. “I’ll burn it every to the ground before I let friend in.” below he’s telling them that he would rather ruin himself before he let them know just how he was feeling. “Please pardon me, ns can’t pardon you now. I remember everything.” now he’s asking them to forgive him and yet speak at the very same time the he can’t pardon them since he quiet remembers every little thing they’ve excellent to him.

(Chorus repeat; exact same analogy, directed at siblings and parents.)

It all went by for this reason fast; i still can’t adjust the past. I constantly will mental everything
I. F we can start again,
would the have readjusted the end? us remember everything, everything.

“It every went by so fast. Ns still can’t readjust the past. I always will remember everything.” right here the singer is remembering how whatever happened in a blur and he can’t readjust the past. He also states that he will always remember what castle did. “If we could start again. Would certainly that have readjusted the end? we remember everything, everything.” currently he’s wondering if he can forget everything and just begin over, if things would be different, or quiet the same. The track ends by him saying that they all will constantly remember everything.

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This tune is so emotional, no in the feeling that it pulls on the heartstrings, however in the feeling that you can feel the emotion relocating you. You deserve to feel the pain, you have the right to feel the regret, and also yet still store your composure just like the male in the song. Ns can also relate to this song, for this reason that may be why i’m partial to it, however never the much less it’s tho a good all approximately song; written and sung the way a song need to be.