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I can"t think it however I discovered one and also had too have actually it. I am now the proud owner that a AAC-SD in .308 v a 16.5 barrel. I"ll gain some pics up soon. Anyone know anything about having a brief barrel mine dealer claimed on a .308 the greater the twisted and much shorter the barrel the better.

that quick of a barrel will certainly hurt velocities some, yet you must still be fine out to 600-700 yards and maybe farther. Powder and bullet choice are going come be very important with that short of a barrel. You will want a brand-new stock and a trigger soon as both of those are very lacking ~ above the aac and also tactical models.I wouldn"t mind a 16.5" threaded barrel for hunting suppressed, but I don"t hunt much farther 보다 300 yards if that.
Well mine dealer claimed the tighter the twist and a brief barrel are an alleged too be an excellent on a .308 i don"t shoot lot over 500 yards despite anyway yet its still a nice gun the stock i will more than likely replace BC there is vertically no cheek weld and the barrel I desire too find a instead of 20 inch in a 1:10 twist
are you sure its a 16.5 bbl? all the .308 s I have actually seen have actually a 20 in bbl threaded. The 16.5s the I have actually seen were all in .300 blackout no .308, simply wondering.ediy, should note that the people I describe are theaac sd of i beg your pardon I have one mine bad.

The quick twist is great for lengthy range. A short (as in 20") is ok. 16.5" in my opinion is too brief for lot past 700 yards. If many of what girlfriend shoot is much less than 500, then save it and also enjoy it. It need to be a stubborn barrel which should aid accuracy. The 16.5" version of the 308 were a dealer to exclude, (though not sure which dealer). I assumed he was wrong to and also it took part looking, but I did find them (not ~ above rem"s site though). Btw. That rifle is ideal for shooting suppressed. You must go ahead and start the paperwork ~ above a thunderbeast 30P-1. That combination would make a short, light, quiet setup and also with the 1:10 it would certainly be moderately qualified of below sonic rounds. If friend need help with the class 3 process, shoot me a pm.
Well because that what I"ll be using it because that the barrel is fine no crazy about it but for being able to discover the AAC at every I"ll live v it because that now. Ns am going as well re stock it and free float the barrel so Ill probably change too a twenty customs barrel then. Deserve to I fint the 1:10 twist though? Haven"t looked yet. Anyway i am thinking about the class 3 paperwork. So far though ns am happy v my purchase, the activity feels crisp and also its really easy as well handle. Exactly how are the blackouts?

That"s my thoughts exactly very first things very first though gotta gain some optics, and a stock through a high comb. Don"t mind the hogue but need a little much more comfort and also a complimentary floated barrel
For the price of having actually a new 20" barrel installed, you can buy a SPS-Tactical with 20" barrel because that $699ish or an additional SPS-T AAC-SD for $799. I"d say it would be fine worth just buying an additional complete rifle for an additional $100-$200 extra. Or just take that money and buy your stock, new trigger and also put some toward your optic. Sounds prefer a nice cool rifle! have the right to you article some photos of it????
Just bought among these the other day, greatly for the fun factor of a lightweight(ish) supressed .308. Here"s several of the Gunbroker pics together I"m no home.

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I to be going also re share it and totally free float the barrel therefore Ill probably adjust too a twenty inch barrel then. Deserve to I fint the 1:10 twisted though?
The factory Remington barrel on the AAC-SD is a threaded hefty contour 20" v 1:10 twist...the manufacturing facility Remington barrel ~ above the SPS-Tac is a non-threaded hefty contour 20" with 1:12 twist...
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