What execute you think the the phrase presented above? Nothing simply jumps the end at you does it? i am hiding something from you. Complete truth will certainly be revealed later, however for now just bear v me. Let me start out by giving you as tiny truth as possible concerning this words. This is just how the people reveals its own kind that truth. The type that will certainly lead one astray from the word of God and also down the roadway that leader to hell. The above phrase deserve to be assumed come be spoken by God, or through some human who made decision to write it on the board at Walmart. Let’s stick through the idea the God. Every now and then God looked under upon man and also felt pity for him and also said, “I love friend no matter just how foul you are.” the is a truth. That can also be said that God looks ~ above man and also says, “I love man no issue what problem mentally, physically, or spiritually that is in.” that is a truth. The word “darkest ” deserve to mean many things.

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But as soon as is male at his darkest? as soon as is guy at his darkest before God? Now, no much more playing approximately with words. No more playing about on the game board that life. No an ext playing roughly in the ideas, doctrines and evil intents of males to stupid us. Let’s usage one native to define the darkness the men. SIN! Why don’t civilization want to hear about their sins and the condemnation brought about by sin? Why go Walmart permit this to be composed for thousands to check out at the southern Side location? Satan loves this. One might be proud the they were permitted to display these words turn off in public, “Because the Bible,” but what an excellent are vague words there is no Truth?

Are this words informing the world about sin? No! these unbiblical words space making men and also woman feel safe and also secure in their immoral behavior. My God loves me no issue what, in any type of behavior I display screen right under to my darkest deeds. But you know what? God will love one ideal down come the an extremely threshold the hell. Why? because the one that reads this words, “I loved you at your darkest” doesn’t know the love that God. “But God commendeth his love toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.” (Romans 5:8)


Now, let us speak reality on the matter.

(Romans 5:8) But God commendeth his love toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ passed away for us.

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God showed His love toward us. Perform we have to love him back? Is oh my gosh love unconditional? walk one really think that they space heaven bound if they nothing reciprocate love back toward God? room there really going to it is in souls in sky that decided not to know and obey God?

(Romans 5:9) Much much more then, being now justified through his blood (How room we justification by His blood? We room washed through the blood of Christ as we space baptized right into Him and our sins room washed far – Rev.1:5, Rom. 6:3-6, action 22:16), we shall be saved (How shall we be saved? with obedience come the totality counsel the God – The Gospel that Christ) from wrath with him (2 Thes 1:8 In flaming fire acquisition vengeance on castle that understand not God, and that obey no the gospel of our lord Jesus Christ).

When one reads oh my god Word, there is no “faith only” or “grace only” device of faith. It is ~ above the separation, personal, instance to know God’s Word and to follow the Gospel the our mr Jesus Christ. Guy must know and also man have to choose. Yes, the love that God is awesome. Top top the cross, divine being expressed the breadth, length, depth, and height of magnificent love. Just how will girlfriend respond?