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Departure station​:Termini​Piazza dei Cinquecento, 1, 00185, Rome, Italy Tiburtina 00162 Rome, Italy, Rome, Italy Ostiense​ 00154, Rome, Italy

Arrival station​:​​Vienna HauptbahnhofAlfred-Adler-Straße 107, 1100, Vienna, Austria​ Vienna Meidling Eichenstraße 25, 1120, Vienna, Austria​
A contemporarily quick Nightjet overnight train operated by OBB is all set to take it you native stunning Rome, the Eternal City, to Austrian gem, Vienna. Departing from Roma Termini station the train dead you directly to Vienna Hauptbahnhof or Vienna Meidling. The whole travel time that 13 hours 42 minute is filled through dramatic europe views.

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Comfortable onboard amenities are to do you feel favor home: relax in super warm sleeper carriages, usage power outlets, WCs, and food service. There is only 1 daily departure at 19:55, for this reason make sure you plan your trip on this delightful train ahead utilizing our services.
Beautiful Vienna is quite much from the famous Rome. The distance in between the two resources is 1097 kilometres (681 mi). However it is within the power of Nightjet, i m sorry covers the whole distance in 13 hours and also 42 minutes.

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The railway is just one of the many comfortable and fast means to reach your destination. Utilizing OBB trains you’ll acquire to Vienna indigenous Rome in no time! Just publication your train ticket on a comfortable Nightjet and also enjoy an i can not forget train trip.

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