LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA – SEPTEMBER 22: (EDITORS NOTE: This photo is a retransmission) Lorne Michaels that ‘Saturday Night Live’ accept the Outstanding variety Sketch collection award because that ‘Saturday Night Live’ onstage throughout the 71st Emmy Awards top top September 22, 2019 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

Saturday Night Live has actually been bringing us laughs for much more than 40 years, consisting of a variety of Star Wars-inspired skits. Here are the height 10.

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Saturday Night Live is kicking turn off its 45th season this weekend — and it have to be full of Star Wars-themed laughs.

Luke, Leia and also Han have actually been a part of “Star Wars” a lengthy time.

A really lengthy time.

“SNL” poked some age-related funny at the periods of the Skywalker Saga’s main cast ahead of the relax of The force Awakens.

The tongue-in-cheek teaser shows a forgetful Han (Taran Killem) getting confused when inquiry by Finn (Jay Pharoah) where he might find Luke Skywalker.

“I’ll take the early-bird special,” he says.

Meanwhile, Leia (Bobby Moynihan) slips top top her reading glasses, talking to herself as she tries, unsuccessfully, to regime R2D2.

Luke (Christoph Waltz) supplies his lightsabers together a walker and also the force to organize his pills.

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“I have a thyroid issue,” the says, “and my father prior to me.”

Han and also Chewy battle to paris the Millennium Falcon, through the left rotate signal forever blinking.

And Lando Calrissian (Kenan Thompson) stares out the window, bickering with his wife (Leslie Jones).

“I got on mine cape. Shouldn’t need to do no cursed chores,” he speak her.

The biggest laughs come as soon as BB-8 rolls past Han and Leia.

“What the f–k was that?” Han Solo asks.

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HOLLYWOOD, CA – march 08: George Lucas attends note Hamill Star ceremony on the Hollywood to walk of reputation on march 8, 2018 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty pictures for Disney)

HBO an initial Look: Star Wars

Jan. 12, 2002

George Lucas doesn’t care about your feelings.

… At the very least not this George Lucas.

The HBO “First Look” skit attributes some … ahem … unreleased clip from Episode II: attack of the Clones, which gotten in theaters in 2002.

One of the best storylines around the production connected members of the pop band NSYNC filming sequences for the movie (which to be true — the scenes were cut).

“SNL” stretched that fact to the max through reimagining NSYNC’s scenes together Star Wars-themed music numbers.

“Just forget around NSYNC. You i will not ~ even notification them,” Lucas (Darrell Hammond) says.

But yes sir NSYNC — episode hold Josh Hartnett and also castmembers Jimmy Fallon, chris Kattan, Horatio Sanz and also Jeff Richards — dancing and gyrating v their lightsabers.

“In order to save the university from tyranny and also oppression, we need to … permit NSYNC kick the funk out, nizzety-new-school style,” Obi-Wan Kenobi (Seth Myers) says.

The boy bandmates sing:

Oh girl, it ain’t end yet/ You’ve involved zap my heart choose you were Boba Fett

Without you, i feel therefore alone/ prefer I to be attacked, attacked by clones

I’m a Jedi knight, in this Jedi days/ ns can’t forget this Jedi ways

Yeah yes yeah yeah

These words space fresh, i think you’re dope/Help me Obi Wan Kenobi, reason you’re my only hope

To height it off, there’s also “cameos” indigenous members the the Jedi Council, including Alf, market McCheese, take care of Potter, Cartman from south Park, and also Monica Lewinski (Rachel Dratch).

Watch the clip video clip link here.

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Shop at residence Network: note Hamill

March 15, 1997

This is one hot item.

A memorable and also silly “Shopping at residence Network” skit indigenous 1997 reflects Don West (Will Ferrell) and also his sidekick Andy Lewis (Chris Kattan) selling Star Wars items.

Unfortunately the Jawa ashtrays are sold out … however Star Wars baseball cards room still available, including Chewbacca together a Milwaukee Brewers second baseman (the fake brand “Binnacle” is a play turn off of the 1990s cardmaker Pinnacle).

Then it’s time to current the “ultimate Star wars collectible” — a handcuffed note Hamill.

“Apparently we kidnapped him and also forced him at gunpoint, which permits us to sell him,” Don says.

They set the price at $80,000 — a steal from his supposed $100,000 value.

“If you’re in ~ home, you have the right to make your own Star wars sequels through a camcorder,” Andy says.

And this is the real deal.

“I recognize last year we sold a Hamill the turned out to be a Bruce Boxleitner,” Don says, express the “Babylon 5” and “Tron” actor.

The TV salesmen and also callers pepper Hamill v catchphrases, no one of which turn out to be his own well known movie sayings.

“May the force be v you.”

“Luke, ns am your father.”

And then they questioning Hamill questions.

Is C3PO gay? What was Yoda really like?

Eventually a famous, acquainted voice calls in from Hollywood to buy Hamill. If Hamill is marketed out, R2D2 actor Kenny Baker is following — because that $3,000.

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Star battles Auditions

Nov. 21, 2015

Yes, the formula has actually been done before — Star Wars display tests.

But it’s still funny, specifically when huge names room connected.

Force Awakens manager J.J. Abrams to be enlisted to present the segment, which shows a mix of actual force Awakens stars — Daisy Ridley and also John Boyega — and also celebrity impersonations.

Ridley is seen reading alongside Sofia Vergara (Cecily Strong).

“I love Meenions, the tiny yellow guys,” Vergara says. “They space so funny. Girlfriend can’t understand nothing castle say.”

Boyega provides a solo appearance, paging through the script.

“A black color Stormtrooper,” he says, laughing. “Yeah, ideal … a black Stormtrooper!”

Actress Emma rock appears together herself, reading for Rey.

“I know the Star Wars world is an extremely diverse,” stone says. “And ns don’t recognize if you saw the movie Aloha, but I deserve to play a very convincing part Asian woman.”

George Lucas (Bobby Moynihan) orders a staffer to acquire him a Coke Zero.

“I uncover your lack of Coke Zeros disturbing,” Lucas says.

Michael Buble serenades Ridley through “Makin’ Whoopie.”

Shaquille O’Neal, javier Bardem, Danny Devito, man Mayer, Dame Maggie Smith, Wynona Judd and also Chris Tucker are likewise spoofed, when David Beckham (Taran Killam) is viewed kicking BB-8 like a football ball.

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Natalie Portman monologue

March 4, 2006

Like Carrie Fisher prior to her, Natalie Portman struggled to break cost-free from her role in the Star Wars universe.

After Portman played Padme Amidala in the three prequel movies she was all set to branch the end — and also prepared come answer every question about Star Wars, cut through sex stereotypes and showing the haters who’s boss in a 2006 “SNL” monologue.

Andy Samberg and also Jason Sudeikis play ill-informed fans, allowing Portman to put them in their places.

Finesse Mitchell steals the segment v a question of his own.

“Star wars … what is that?” that asks.

That 2006 episode is best remembered for her “Natalie Raps” digital short

“All the children looking as much as me can suck mine d—,” she raps, walking past a girl dressed together Padme.

Portman taped a similar, updated rap segment for she 2018 figure on “SNL.”

“Now, I need to ask Natalie, have you watched the new Star battles movies?” interviewer Beck Bennett asks.


“Well, they’re really good. They’re much much better than …”

“Better 보다 what?” she snaps.

And there’s Natalie ago in her makeup and also outfit together Padme, defending the prequels and Jar seasoned Binks.

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Star wars Toy Commercial

Dec. 12, 2015

Gotta defend those Star battles toys!

Toys from the at an early stage Star battles movies are collector’s items now — and also adults aren’t fast to forget it.

A mock 2015 “SNL” commercial functions interplay in between younger and older Star battles fans. The children want to play through their toys. The adults want to look in ~ them housed in the initial packaging.

“Leave them in the box and never touch them!” one of the adult (Bobby Moynihan) says.

Meanwhile, an additional man (Kyle Mooney) admits he has actually three of every toy — “one come display, one come open, and also one simply in case.”

“Why?” a young asks him.

One that the youngsters asks an adult collector a personal, cutting question.

“Does your wife choose toys too?” Ooh.

Meanwhile, Moynihan’s middle-aged fan offers his mouth to blow dust away from a Kylo Ren figure and puts it in his display instance as the kids watch on.

“Awesome!” that says, offering a thumbs up.

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The kids don’t feel the same way. Why stroked nerves collecting the playthings if you’re not going come play with them? maybe in 30 years or so they’ll understand.