Here"s whereby to find the small rubber ducky covert in the Summertime Splashdown loading display screen in ... <+> "Fortnite: battle Royale".

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Credit: Epic games

The 14 days Of Summer are almost over in Fortnite: fight Royale. We"re top top the second-to-last job of the special event, and that method we have actually the second-to-last an obstacle to solve and also earn a free in-game music track.

Prior come today"s challenge, dataminers had leaked a very different challenge: find the seashell in the beach-themed loading screen. Transforms out, that isn"t the challenge at all, and also for the first time due to the fact that the 14 job of Summer started in Fortnite, one the the leaks wasn"t correct.

Instead, today"s job 13 difficulty is "Search the tiny rubber ducky hidden in the summertime splashdown loading screen." that loading display was earned previously in this event, from job 8"s difficulty which tasked players with hitting one another with water balloons.

In any case, the reservation in the loading display screen (at the height of this post) is discovered in the surf boards, which have actually the collaborates H9, I9, H10, I10 created on them:

tiny Rubber Ducky location

Credit: epic / Erik Kain

This brings us to the southeastern corner of the map south of heaven Palms and also east that the abandoned village some describe as Westworld. The small rubber ducky have the right to be uncovered in a bath tub in the middle of nowhere:

Here"s wherein things acquire . . . Tricky. Or, fact be told, really annoying.

Unlike many comparable challenges, browsing the small rubber ducky at this location actually provides it disappear. That method that only one player at a time—one player every match—can complete this challenge. You can show up at this point out ten time in a row, through ten various other players every time, and also only one of you will certainly actually be able to search the rubber ducky before it disappears.

I doubt epos will deal with or change this, meaning this is one of the toughest people to complete in the whole 14 job of Summer. You"ll need to stick the landing perfect in order come beat anyone else there, and also once you execute land you"ll not only be confronted with several other foes, you could not even be able to complete the an obstacle before the pickaxing begins.

Good luck, young padawans. You"ll need it.

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