around Run Runaway

"Run Runaway" is a tune by the british rock band Slade, exit in 1984 together the third solitary from the band"s eleventh studio album The remarkable Kamikaze Syndrome, and also the lead solitary from the album"s US equivalent Keep your Hands off My strength Supply. The track was composed by lead vocalist Noddy Holder and also bassist Jim Lea, and also produced by man Punter. It reached No. 7 in the UK and also was additionally the band"s breakthrough fight in America, wherein it got to No. 20.

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Hey nowI love black and also white dreaming the black and whiteYou love black and also white operation runawaySee chameleon lying there in the sunlight All think to everyone operation runaway, heyIf you"re in the swing all here and everythingIf you"re in the swing run runawaySee chameleon lying there in the sunlight All think to everyone operation runaway hoIf you"ve acquired a to like don"t beat around the bushWhen I"ve obtained a crush run runawaySee chameleon lying over there in the sunlight All thinks to everyone run runaway woahHey yeahWoah Oh now can"t you wait (love don"t which a plate) Oh now can"t you wait operation run away view the chameleon lying over there in the sun All things to everyone run run far woah(Run operation away)

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Slade Slade space a rock band from Wolverhampton, who rose to prominence during the glam absent era of the at an early stage 1970s. V 17 consecutive height 20 hits and also six number ones, the British fight Singles & Albums surname them together the many successful British group of the 1970s based on sales that singles. They were the an initial act to have three singles enter at number one, and also all 6 of the band"s chart-toppers were penned by Noddy Holder and also Jim Lea. Complete UK sales was standing at 6,520,171, and also their best selling single, "Merry Xmas Everybody", has actually sold in overabundance of one million copies. An ext »

Written by: JIM LEA, NEVILLE HOLDER license is granted & noted by LyricFind

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