Rembrandt is 55 year old in this self-portrait, and he still looks at self candidly. Here he assumes the guise the a personage from the Bible, the Apostle Paul. The knife protruding indigenous his cloak and also the manuscript in his hands space the apostle’s customary attributes. By using his very own face, Rembrandt encouraged the viewer to communicate personally with the saint.

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Zelfportret valve Rembrandt als de apostel Paulus. Ten halven lijve naar links, het gelaat naar de kijker gewend. Met openstaande mantel die zicht geeft op het zwaard dat op de borst wordt gedragen, op het hoofd een witte tulband. In de handen een opengevouwen bundel zendbrieven.

? estate inventory, Eberhard Jabach (1618-95), Paris, 17 July 1696, no. 123 ("Portrait de Rimbrands, ayant un linge blanc autour de sa test, 1/2 number grande comme le naturel, de luy-mesme. 100 liv’);The number ‘123’ painted on the turning back of the stretcher in imitation of the original corresponds to the number in the 1696 posthumous inventory; for the inventory view Grouchy 1894, pp. 249−92, esp. P. 255. ...; ? repertoire Nicolas Vleughels (1668-1737), Rome; from his widow, Marie-Thérèse Gosset (1703-56), 100 scudi, to Cardinal Neri Maria Corsini (1685-1770), Rome, prior to 1750;According come the Inventario dei quadri comprati coi proprii denari avventizii dall’Emo Sig.s Cardinal Neri Maria Cosini, no. 15: ‘Dalla Vedova Wleughel. Il proprio Ritratto di Reimbrant s 100’. The painting is no. 164 in the 1750 Inventario di tutti i quadri that Palazzo Corsini: ‘Il Ritratto di Reimbrant di sua mano, comprato sc 100. Comprato da Madama Wleughles’. ...; purchased from the Corsini collection, through the London arts dealer william Buchanan (1777-1864), summer 1807;According to a label moved from the initial stretcher come the existing one: ‘From the Corsini palace of Rome / lugged to England by wilhelm Buchanan Esq. In Summer 1807’. Indigenous whom, 500 guineas, come Charles Kinnaird (1780-1826), 8th lord Kinnaird, Rossie Priory close to Dundee, before 2 January 1809;Buchanan 1824, vol. 2, p. 179, no. 4. The paint was very first recorded in the Kinnaird repertoire in the engraving to a reproductive mezzotint by Charles Turner (1773-1857): ‘Rembrandt. A Portrait the himself. Bought native the repertoire of the Corsini family members at Rome by grandfather Buchanan. 3’ by 2’6 1/8 Pubd. Jan. 2. 1809’. From the Kinnaird collection, £ 47,500, come Isaäc de Bruijn (1872-1953) and his wife, Johanna Gertruida valve der Leeuw (1877-1960), Spiez and Muri, close to Bern, 28 may 1936; from whom on loan to the museum, 1956-60; by who bequeathed come the museum, December 1960

Bibliography and list of abbreviation for the provenance (pdf)




The Rembrandt Database, thing information, Rembrandt, self portrait together the apostle Paul, date 1661,, Amsterdam, inv. No. SK-A-4050,, accessed 2016 February 01 G. Luijten, ""De veelheid en de eelheid" : een Schmidt-Degener", Nederlands Kunsthistorisch Jaarboek 35 (1984), p. 377, afb. 26. P.J.J. Van Thiel, "Zelfportret als de apostel Paulus", Openbaar Kunstbezit 13 (1969) nr. 2, p. 1a-b.
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