Ordering a truckload of logs for firewood is among the fastest ways to accumulate a the majority of wood if still saving a couple of dollars by cut it yourself.

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Although that costs an ext money than felling a tree on your own, periodically the benefits of having the wood ceded to your residence is worth the extra money.

If friend burn a many firewood every year or warmth with one outdoor lumber furnace, a truckload that 8 foot logs can be a great investment.

I"m constantly looking because that the cheapest and easiest method to accumulate firewood. 


Of course, felling a tree yourself and also processing the timber is cheeper than buying the logs.  

However, felling a tree entails the threats of actually cutting down a tree, limbing the branches, hauling brush, managing a brush heap at some point afterwards and then finally processing the firewood......it"s a lot of extra time. 

Having the wood ceded cuts out a lot of these time consuming steps permitting you to focus on accumulating large amounts of firewood.  

Plus, it"s safer than felling a tree.

Ordering Logs because that Firewood

Logging suppliers are typically the finest places to order a truckload of wood.  

Since logging service providers usually don"t advertisement firewood through the truckload, you"ll have far better results if girlfriend just contact them and also ask.

Word that mouth is probably the best method to find a reliable company.  

Ask around and find a company that your next-door neighbors would introduce or search digital for reviews around companies in your area.

If you live in north Michigan, Lutke woodland Products from Manton Michigan is a good choice.  


We"ve supplied them several times and also have constantly been very impressed.  

Their prices room fair and also they deliver on time, in a professional manner.

When you call around and ask for prices you"ll want to consider a couple of different things.  

First, logs that have actually not to be skidded v the mud and also dirt will certainly be much simpler to cut.  

Muddy logs will damage your chainsaw chain inquiry you to constantly re-sharpen it.

Second, girlfriend want manageable sized logs.  

Smaller logs are much easier to handle and less attention if they happen to roll off the pile.  

Plus, if you warmth with an outdoor wood furnace, smaller sized logs won"t should be split and you deserve to just reduced the lumber to length, stack it and you"re done.

Although it"s a lot of work to cut 10 complete cords of firewood in a single season, i recommend cutting the entire load of wood in the feather after you have actually it delivered instead the leaving part uncut because that the complying with year.


I"ve discovered that cutting the wood as soon as it"s environment-friendly is much easier since the chain bites into the wet lumber a lot of better.  

If you enable the timber to dry out and also cut that the following year, it"s a lot harder on her chain.  

Also, cut the wood up as quickly as possible prevents mice and also other animals from building nests inside the big stack of 8 foot logs.

Using A Sawbuck To procedure The Wood

When cutting up several of the smaller logs for firewood, I"ve found using a sawbuck works an excellent especially if friend have one more person about to help you elevator the logs.

Instead the bending over and trying to reduced up the logs together they lay and also roll about on the ground, a sawbuck stabilizes the logs and makes cutting them safer and also easier.

Plus structure your very own folding sawbuck is yes, really easy.  

If you would prefer to develop one yourself, examine out these easy step-by-step accuse for building your own.


I don"t recommend using a sawbuck top top really huge logs because they"re simply too hefty to lift.  

However, the smaller logs and also limbs are perfect because that a sawbuck and it keeps your chain out of the dirt permitting it to remain sharper for much longer periods of time.

Logs for Firewood - points To Consider

When purchase logs because that firewood the price will differ from year come year depending on fuel costs and also other eco-friendly factors.  

Using a firm that"s close to your house will cut down on distribution charges.

Although the price appears to walk up yearly you must expect come pay approximately $750 - $950 for a "pulp cord" or a "loggers cord" that firewood.  

The wood will be ceded on a semi and also each log will certainly be approximately 8 feet long.  

One truck will generally supply 10 pulp cords.

Ordering 20 cords, which will come top top a semi hauling 2 trailers (the second being called a pup trailer) will certainly usually price slightly less since you"re buying in bulk.


You have the right to have the logs ceded to any kind of location you choose as lengthy as the van can access it.  

Remember, cut up 10 pulp cords the firewood will leave behind a most bark, sawdust and debris.  

If you decision to have it ceded in your front yard, expect a many cleanup.


Buying a truckload that logs because that firewood is a good way to conveniently fill her woodshed with a lot of firewood.

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With a sharp chainsaw chain and a tiny hard occupational you can reduced your winter"s supply of firewood in a fraction of the time compared to felling the tress yourself.