Have you play Pokémon sunlight or Pokémon Moon? (Of course you have. They come out prefer three years ago.) carry out you have actually a an excellent memory? perform you want to test your knowledge around the Alola region? If so, then this is the quiz for you!

Show her knowledge around the people, places, and Pokémon in Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon. This is kind of a tough quiz, for this reason don"t it is in disappointed if you don"t acquire every inquiry right. Don"t stress and anxiety it; just have actually fun!

Created by: Naomi Goyette

What space the name (in order the you explore them in the games) the the four islands of the Alola region? Melemele, Akala, Poni, Ula"ula Akala, Poni, Melemele, Ula"ula Konikoni, Akala, Poni, Ula"ula Melemele, Akala, Ula"Ula, PoniWhere perform you obtain your first Pokémon? Iki town Paniola town Hau"oli City route 1Speaking that the first Pokémon...what room their names? Chespin, Fennekin, Froakie Rowlet, Chimchar, Popplio Chikorita, Litten, Popplio Rowlet, Litten, PopplioAnd what varieties are included to their last evolutions? Ghost, Dark, Fairy Dark, Fighting, Fairy Flying, Dark, Fairy Ghost, Dark, NormalRemember Hau, your rival? that is he, exactly? Professor Kukui"s son Hala"s son Hala"s nephew Professor Kukui"s nephewWhat"s the an initial Ride Pokémon the is registered to your Ride Pager? Tauros Charizard Machamp MudsdaleAnd what does the Ride Pokémon do? tote you end rocky terrain Smashes boulders that room in your way Lets you fly to any type of place you"ve been before Shoves boulders out of the wayEnter Team Skull! Where perform you an initial encounter the region"s crime syndicate, and also how countless grunts are there looking to choose a fight? One grunt at the marina in Hau"oli City two grunts at the marina in Hau"oli City 2 grunts on route 2 three grunts on route 2True or false: Your very first Trial ~ above Akala Island is a Grass-type trial operation by Mallow.

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True FalseWhich the the complying with is no a Pokémon ~ above Hau"s team? one of the starters Alolan Raichu Araquanid NoivernWhat Pokémon form does Kahuna Olivia specialize in, and also what"s the Z-move called? Fighting, All-Out Pummelling Ground, Tectonic rage Psychic, shattered Psyche Rock, continental CrushTrue or false: Sophocles" Steel-type attempt is the first one you confront on Ula"ula Island. True FalseAfter you clean Sophocles" trial, who trial perform you go to next? Lana"s psychological Acerola"s trial Mina"s trial The Dragon attempt (no captain)One of Alola"s much more unique Pokémon is Oricorio, that can come to be an Electric, Psychic, Fire, or Ghost type, depending on what sort of nectar the drinks. What space its 4 Formes called? Ballet, Pom-Pom, Pa"u, Sensu Pom-Pom, Pa"u, Baile, Sensu Pom-Pom, Pa"u, Flamenco, Sensu Pom-Pom, Pa"u, Baile, GeishaTrue or false: The Lake of the Moone (where you conference Lunala in Pokémon Moon) is ~ above Ula"ula Island. True FalseWhat Pokémon go Kahuna Nanu have a lot of? Litten Glameow Alolan Meowth MeowthWhat Ultra Beast go Lusamine fuse with in Ultra Space? Nihilego Blacephalon Pheremosa NaganadelAfter you complete the Poni Island grand Trial, Kahuna Hapu it is registered the Pokémon Mudsdale to your Ride Pager. What does Mudsdale execute in the field? Smashes boulders that are in your means Carries you end rocky terrain Shoves boulders out of the method Lets you relocate at high speedsWhich of the adhering to Trainers is no a member that the elite Four? Kiawe Hala Kahili AcerolaYou"ve win the upstream Four! now who do you get to battle? Hau Gladion The Masked imperial Professor Kukui

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Quiz topic: Alola! just how much execute I know around Pokemon sunlight & Moon?

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