Singer and songwriter Sia, together with the remainder of the cast and crew of she “Nostalgic because that the Present” tour marked their 13th present on Oct. 21 in ~ the Wells Fargo center in Philadelphia. Touring is a grueling task alone, yet what provides Sia’s tour even more daunting is the she refrains from showing her challenge throughout the show.

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After succumbing come the pressures of fame – and also battling depression and also addiction – Sia, 40, made a an individual decision to continue to be out that the limelight and write songs for various other artists. She somewhat went back to being one artist ~ releasing she two most recent albums, “1000 creates of Fear” and “This is Acting.”

The music industry has end up being so focused on photo rather 보다 music, do it simple to get caught up in the glamor of the all. That is troubling come imagine a concert in which the artist is not the facility of the attention, however Sia is maybe to connect the audience in a method that is unmatched in modern-day pop music.

Sia’s physical presence in she “Nostalgic for the Present” tourism is expectedly hidden, yet she spot-on vocals and also experiential songwriting soared as the facility of attention. Assorted per-formance artists, unique effects and also dancers were also employed for the tour, including “Dance Moms” star Maddie Ziegler, who is just 14.

Sia started her collection with a performance of “Alive” surrounding by a grasp of dancers imitating a dress. As she belted the end the very first chorus, the crowd went wild together the dancers departed, revealing Sia and also the white dress and also hair bow that she would continue to wear for the bulk of the show.

After “Alive,” Sia relocated come her corner of the stage underneath a dimmed spotlight and also let her power artists take facility stage. This element of the show had a guy who donned a sequin jacket and gloves, i beg your pardon he used to turn himself into a person disco ball during “Diamonds,” and a frantic Ziegler who graced the phase with she phenomenal run routines during hits favor “Elastic Heart” and “Chandelier.”

Actress and also comedian Kristen Wiig likewise made a cameo figure in a pre-taped video during “One Million Bullets” holding an umbrella as flashes of irradiate imitated a spray that bullets. Among the most an effective moments that the show was throughout “Big girls Cry,” in i m sorry Ziegler re-mained in a chair because that the duration of the song.

As the last chorus approached, a male behind her started covering she mouth v his hands and raising her up into the darkness that the stage. Anyone who knows Sia’s backstory knows that this was an creative representation that her own dark an individual struggle.

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The significant message come be acquired from Sia’s show is the physical visibility is no eve-rything. Her capacity to affix to the audience specifically through she voice and also art gives also the most powerful stage presences in music a operation for their money. It’s relieving to know that picture isn’t a requirement in this period of music and that simply utilizing artistry can be simply as enticing.


“Alive”“Diamonds”“Reaper”“Bird collection Free”“Big girls Cry”“One Million Bullets”“Cheap Thrills”“Soon we’ll Be Found”“Elastic Heart”“Titanium”“Breathe Me”“Fire satisfy Gasoline”“Move her Body”“Unstoppable”“Chandelier”