Piolo Pascual, Arci Muñoz, JC de Vera, Empoy Marquez, and also Alessandra de Rossi will star in ABS-CBN’s brand-new teleserye ‘Since I discovered You.’ The drama is command by “hugot” movie manager Antoinette Jadaone. V its initial announcement in respectable 2017, no much has actually been revealed. But, here are 10 points we understand so far.

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10 things about ABS-CBN’s ‘Since I uncovered You’

1. Powerhouse cast

“Since I uncovered You” features the new love team, Piolo Pascual and also Arci Muñoz, along with JC de Vera and also the “AlEmpoy” (Alesandra de Rossi and Empoy Marquez” tandem. Vivoree Esclito, john Lapus, Carmi Martin, and also Joey Marquez will likewise join them.

Photo via JC de Vera’s Instagram Account

2. Since I discovered You Synopsis

ABS-CBN’s newest Philippine television series “Since I discovered You” speak a story the five various kinds of people. Arci plays the duty of a “practicum-er “who is looking for a job possibility in Piolo’s company in bespeak to assist her family. Piolo, ~ above the other hand, is a strict and also hot-tempered boss who will eventually record the fist of Arci.

Their love story, however, will be put to a test as JC de Vera will fall in love through Arci. Further complicating the storyline is Alessandra de Rossi, Piolo’s secretary, who is secretly in love v him. Empoy, Piolo’s driver, is in reality in love v Alessandra too. Viewers will have to find out what will occur with these personalities as they continue to uncover the true definition of love.

3. Romantic Comedy Genre

Filipinos space undeniably fan of romantic comedy dramas so this brand-new drama will surely win not just the fist of the viewers yet their hearts as well. JC will most likely use his comedic nature the he usually mirrors in “Banana Sundae.” Arci is also known for she “hugot” currently so every fans will definitely relate come her.

Aside indigenous JC’s comedic nature and Arci and also Piolo’s acting skills, Empoy and Alessandra will likewise be one of the biggest factors who will give life to the series. V the success of their Indie film “Kita-Kita,” there’s no doubt the “Since I discovered You” will end up being successful as well.

4.First team up of Piolo Pascual and also Arci Munoz

Piolo gets a new leading lady for his brand-new drama series and she is no various other than Arci Muñoz. Piolo has actually been team up with various other Kapamilya artists for the past years and all of them were successful. Yet fans will have to wait till the very end the the drama to recognize if Piolo and also Arci’s team increase is reliable or not.

Photo via Arci Muñoz and Piolo Pascual’s Instagram Account

5.Television debut of Empoy Marquez and Alessandra de Rossi

It’s practically been a year due to the fact that Empoy and also Alessandra’s movie “Kita-Kita” fight the large screen and also became the highest grossing Indie movie in the country to date. And their pan have always been anticipating your come back.

Now, the unlikely yet perfect love team will approve their fans’ wish v their new television collection “Since I uncovered You” which likewise marks their very first ever teleserye in ABS-CBN.

Photo via Alessandra de Rossi’s Instagram Account

6.Piolo’s brand-new teleserye after ~ 4 long years

Piolo to be last viewed on tv in the drama series “Hawak Kamay” in 2014. The was claimed to star with a brand-new drama entitled “Written In ours Stars” in 2016 yet his leading lady, Toni Gonzaga, got pregnant. And also after 4 lengthy years, Piolo is all set to conquer the Philippine television when again with his brand-new series in ABS-CBN.

7.Reunion project of JC de Vera and Arci Muñoz

Arci to be last seen in ABS-CBN’s daytime drama, “Ikaw Lang Ang Iibigin,” in addition to Gerald Anderson and also Kim Chiu while JC de Vera proceeds to be component of the show, “Banana Sundae.” The two have already worked together in TV5 teleseryes such as “My Driver Sweet Lover” in 2010 and “Ang Utol Kong Hoodlum” in 2011. After leaving TV5, the two didn’t obtain the chance to job-related together for quite some time therefore “Since I found You” will serve as their reunion project (in one ABS-CBN’s teleserye) after an ext or less seven years.

8.Replacing “The an excellent Son”

“Since I discovered You” is set to premiere top top ABS-CBN’s Primetime Bida evening block and global on The Filipino Channel top top April 16, instead of “The great Son.”

9.Shows various kinds that love

The drama series shows five human being who are searching for the true meaning of love. But as they continue their lives, lock will at some point learn how to appreciate various kinds that love. Basically, the drama wants to send to the viewers that aside from looking for a romantic sort love, lock could additionally give and receive love by appreciating the people approximately them.

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10.“ since I uncovered You” main trailer out

The teaser trailer because that the upcoming romantic comedy series ‘Since I uncovered You’ to be released on in march 19 however the complete trailer was out on march 28.