Owners the the way of production in a capitalist society. Marx's "haves".

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Caste SystemSystem in i beg your pardon scarce resources and rewards are spread on the communication of ASCRIBED status.
Class SystemSystem in which scarce resources and also rewards are dispersed on the communication of achieved status.
EndogamyMarriage within one's own social category.
ExogamyMarriage external one's very own social category.
Horizontal MobilityType of society mobility where the individual move from one place to one more within the same social class.
Intergenerational MobilityForm of vertical mobility in which status differs between generations in the exact same family.
Life ChancesLikelihood of individuals sharing in the opportunities and also benefits that society.
Life ExpectancyAverage variety of years a person born in a details year have the right to be expected to live.
Objective MethodTechnique used to rank people according come social course in i m sorry sociologists specify social class in state of components such as income, occupation and education.
PovertyStandard the living that is below the minimum level thought about decent and also reasonable through society.
Poverty LevelMinimum yearly income necessary by a family to survive.
PowerThe capacity to control the habits of others, v or without their consent.
PrestigeRespect, honor, recognition or courtesy an individual receives from various other members the society.
ProletariatWorkers in a capitalist culture who market their labor in exchange because that wages. Marx's "have-nots".
Reputational MethodTechnique supplied to rank people according to social class. This is excellent by asking people in the neighborhood to rank other community members based upon what they recognize of your characteristics and also life style.
Social ClassGrouping of people with comparable levels of wealth, power and prestige.
Social InequalityUnequal sharing of society rewards and also resources.
Social MobilityMovement in between or within social classes or strata
Social StratificationRanking of individuals or categories of civilization on the basis of unequal access to scarce resources and social rewards.
Socioeconomic status (SES)Rating the combines social determinants such as education, occupational prestige and place of residence with economic components of earnings in order to identify a person's relative position in the stratification system
Subjective MethodTechnique provided to rank people according to social class in i beg your pardon the people themselves room asked to determine their own social rank.
Transfer PaymentsPrinciple means in i m sorry the federal government attempts to mitigate social inequality by redistributing money among the miscellaneous segments of society.
Vertical MobilityMovement between social classes or strata in i m sorry the individual moves from once social class level to another.

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WealthMost apparent dimension of society stratification due to the fact that it is consisted of of the value of everything the person owns and also money earned through salaries and wages.