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Innovation approve awarded

Friday, September 24, 2021 1:06 pm

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By Rev. Dr. James Taylor III

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Published 6:00 to be Friday, respectable 7, 2020

“Finally, mine brethren be solid in the Lord, and in the power of his might. Placed on the whole armor that God, that ye may have the ability to stand against the wiles the the devil.” Eph. 6: 10, 11, ff. KJV.

Recently in the news from number of media sources was a story around top U.S. Military military officials taking offense come the truth that federal legislation enforcement agencies to be wearing camouflage uniforms with no unit insignia, in the execution of your enforcement duties.

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It was reported the top military officials execute not want legislation enforcement agencies to bring out tactical work in camouflage battle dress, through which they could possibly be illustrated as actual army soldiers. This trunk from recent complaints and accusations levied against camouflaged fight dressed law enforcement agencies in enforcement that the rule of law against protesters, whereby complaints were levied for various violations of civil civil liberties of civilians.

The over scripture verses penned through Paul come the church at Ephesus also raises the concern of the uniform and also dress, yet it is about the Christian soldier. Paul reminds those of united state in the Christian belief who space enlisted in the army of the Lord the there room high criter for oh my gosh soldiers who are engaged in warfare and also it is most essential that the suitable uniform it is in worn. Soldiers of the Lord room to it is in distinctively dressed conversely, there can be no doubt as to whose army they belong. The Christian soldiers’ uniform likewise should no be replicated through those external of the Lord’s military in their engagement of that they deem to be the enemy.

The true soldier’s uniform consists of “the entirety amour that God,” through which one’s loins are girded through truth. There is a breastplate of righteousness, a shield the faith, a knife of the spirit, and also one’s feet shod through the preparation of the gospel. And it is in this distinctive uniform the the true Christian soldier fights versus the opponents of the cross.

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I submit the in these an overwhelming times there is no room because that the true soldier of God to it is in misidentified. Thus, the is imperative the all true soldiers be certain they room in full fight dress uniform, completely equipped because that the battle, and know full well the the enemy is the devil and also his cohorts. It is the utmost prominence that true soldiers the the cross represent the Lord’s values and edicts which reasons Godly adjust and invite rather to enlist in the most elite army in the universe. I urge you now to be completely equipped and ready due to the fact that the fight is on. The lord is depending on his soldiers to continue the fight until victory is won.

REV. DR. JAMES TAYLOR III is minister of Jericho Baptist Church in Farmville. His email resolve is jht3
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