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Your girlfriend's lyin' baby, it wasn't meYour girl stated I hit it baby, it wasn't meYour girl desires to execute it to meShe desires to give it to meShe will not prevent until ns let her come and also do it to meRepeat 1I need to ask girlfriend a questionThis thing that ns heard, it got me stressin'I'm guessin' baby, comin' come you for her confessionIf you did it, climate you besta phone call me, right upCuz what ns heard completely overwhelmed meDon't shot to market me, climate compell me to it is in packin' and also goneOr better yet, I'll load you up before the finish of the songBut if I'm wrong, climate my complete apology, you will certainly seeThis deserve to not happen, now you recognize that ns don't wanna believeThat you would be forever lettin' various other women recieveThe love you offer me everyday, I discover it hard to concieveBut if it's true, climate I'mma have to tell friend this is the endI'll ask friend once, no againWas girlfriend fuckin' mine friend?Tell me now
Repeat 1Now allow me tell girlfriend what she told meShe claimed that you to be fake and phonyFuckin' my homie, actin' favor you don't even know meSayin' time and time again the you was leavin' me lonelyRidin' mine pony, Angie and this chick named RomieTellin' me the means you struggle it once I left because that the KeysTalkin' 'bout the carpet burnin', she recieved come the kneesThe lot of orgasms, through the greatest of easeAnd orally the means you had her screamin', beggin' friend pleaseAnd she was trouble from the start when I met she one nightIf i leave, "Dear John" will be the letter girlfriend findIf you want her, you can have her, it ain't wetter 보다 mineIt be another man's gain, that ain't much better than mineNow tell meRepeat 1I know she lies, however the details was all too clearAnd ns know much better than to operation with every little thing that i hearTrust was never ever a problem for us, it to be perfectly clearIt's been like happy ever before after for the past 2 yearsI recognize she desires you though, she stated it top top the night that we metNow she takin' drastic measures, tryin' to see if she getShe fightin' in a fight that she understand she never can winStep it down to a 6 as soon as you workin' v 10Wanna to walk in mine heals?Wanna walk through my deals?Wanna know exactly how it feel?I'm just bein' because that realI take her word because that it this time, I'm stayin' through youMake sure it never happen, ns ain't playin' through youNow tell me